I believe fiction is real

I believe everything is possible with a logical approach. Naruto for example: I’m pretty sure yashua was performing water jitsus back in the day na sayin?

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It’s about as real as fiction.

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Now I need a cigarette. .

You can borrow my lighter if you want. I stole it off of a cub scout.


Fire was stolen from the waters. That’s something that rises

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there is a theory, that people who believe in the whole ‘multiverse’ thing have put forward.

All Fiction and Fantasy is real in another world, and it filters into our world through Dreams, because our subconscious mind is more susceptible to outside influence from ‘quantum particle waves’.

I do not understand the whole Quantum Particle Waves thing…since I was taught in school that all matter is either a particle or wave, not both…

But according to this theory, all those fantasy, scifi, and other types of fiction that are written are put into our minds by some kind of unknown multiverse science, meaning when you read a book about people who evolved from cats, in some world on the multiple dimensions there is a population of cat people!

Wassup with all this cat stuff.why cats. I have a cat.

please Japanese anime Cat Girls are sexy as hell! my GF dresses as one for her job as a waitress at the college’s most popular café! Ever since she started that her tips have increased by the power of 10!