Fantasy beats real life any day

Yay or nay???

Yay and nay. My fantasy life is very rich, but than it’s reality that matters. Damnit.


Fantasy is best if you can make a profit off of it in reality. Otherwise it’s a waste of time.

My fantasy life was filled with peril and kidnappers… and danger at every turn… I felt my family was targeted… it was constant stress keeping my family safe from kidnapping strangers…

Reality is much more relaxing.


Which fantasy life? Hmmmm.

Some worlds like video games are better, which is why I quit playing them.

My line of thinking is like @SurprisedJ 's line of thought- my fantasy is not voluntary, it’s paranoid ideation. I prefer science and exercise (which technically falls under science).

People sometimes forget that experimental psychology is in fact an empirical science. My degree is a B.A. but there is no doubt that doing the honors thesis (which is optional) that I am a scientist. Running an empirical study, reviewed hundreds of articles? Science. Research methods. Clinical disorders. Interventions for perceptions of clinical disorders. Clinical implications of the intervention for the stigma (negative perception).

I love science more than retreatism because science is good for other people whilst retreating feels good but does no good for anyone else in most cases…not absolutely but most of the time this is true.

Immanuel Kant was a retreatist but his deontology is still doing good today in the world of ethics. Most people, practically everyone is not on his level.


Fantasy is like drugs it’s amazing to break barriers and experience things you didn’t think you otherwise could…and then you come crashing back down to reality :stuck_out_tongue:

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’

In some cases, sometimes, that is, for certain people at certain times. I came up with my thesis idea using imagination. The imagination only serves a role in the pursuit of knowledge. Creativity is a large part of psychology, but there should be more science than just ideas–if you have an idea, make it recognized by scientifically investigating it.

Imagination for normal people is SAFER than it is for us. We easily become lost in our heads. Real talk.


Everything i’m about to say is probably gonna offend you but i feel as though you’re using titles you have no right to claim. First things first you’re not a scientist, nothing that involves psychology or psychiatry has anything to do with science as far as i’m aware it’s just the opinions of people who haven’t experienced what they claim to understand. Secondly the rest of the quote is ‘‘for knowledge is limited to what we now know and understand , whilst imagination embraces the entire world and all there will ever be to know and understand’’ :stuck_out_tongue: I feel that it might be safer for them but that’s because they’re simply limited whilst our imagination is wild and limitless.

You’re forgetting that I have multiple mental disorders and that I have extremely rare insight into what I research…that, and psychology and psychiatry ARE sciences.

Also, imagination is not all bad, it’s just not all that good for people with schizophrenia because it really means “delusional” for us.

As far as you’re aware, you said, studying the mind and brain is not science. Well you just weren’t aware.

Fantasy is a spin off of desire. As Mortimer Mouse says, and SurprisedJ, our SZ fantasies are paranoid ideation. We need to be realistic about our symptoms. An overwhelmingly large portion of my fantasies are sexual, even at my age. At my age, they torment me because they are meaningless. Imagination in one sense can be planning optimistically for the future. About scientists, I say it is good for scientists. A lot of science today studies useless, trivial things. There is no more thorough discipline than science.


Once I was in the hospital and she described it as my fantasy world is like being on the stage, in the spotlight 24/7…and by taking the meds I will only be in the spotlight some of the time. I wasn’t sure completely what she meant by that but kind of makes sense…

Lol oh please don’t. Let me guess, one of your mental disorders is delusions of grandeur right :slight_smile:
As for your multiple disorders giving you extremely rare insight i would just argue that they’re confusing you into thinking certain things. Explain in any way shape or form that psychology or psychiatry are an actual science…
Imagination means imagination for everyone, not delusional like you claim (well… maybe for you).
Studying the brain would be science if that’s what was actually being done but seeing as we are so far from understanding even on a simple level how our brains really work and how this links to mental disorders it’s just an opinion again mostly from people with 0 understanding of the subject.
Maybe i am fully aware and your ego is just dented. (passed my psychology a levels by accident whilst studying for chemistry and physics)
Ever considered that imagination is just vast extrapolation of our knowledge, or is your extremely rare insight not capable of actually being useful outside of self preservation.

You’re being a troll.

Psychology and psychiatry are sciences. The people who practice it with licensure are registered scientists. The people who research it empirically are registered as scientists too (biannual certification in ethics of research which is mandatory for any investigator).

You seem to be attacking me. Well, I feel sorry for you, because the more one is threatened, the more they attack, and the greater the threat, the more irrational the attack. Unless you are trained in combat…fight or flight is a real thing…hunters hunt because if they don’t, they starve…yes even aggressors are actually just reacting. A basic way to illustrate this simple thing is to observe modern warfare. People attack others to secure things such as peace or territory or power because they feel and therefore think that they need these things…for survival, which means their survival is not secure. From the standpoint of evolutionary psychology, war is to secure resources which the attackers are insecure about.

If you’re really attacking, you’re really not secure, because people attack to gain security.

I think it’s safe to say that you’re not being rational.


My induced fantasies during psychosis were quite scary. There was no way of escaping them either.

It was evil as ■■■■. I can’t believe that they can do that to people.

Possession blows.

You assume my brain functions in a standard generalized way you read from a book written by morons years ago despite all the evidence so far suggesting the opposite? This is why you’re not a scientist and your views disgust me personally. I’m not insecure i just find it distasteful that you would walk around with titles you have not earned. As for the rest of your reply is it even worth replying to? I mean really? I’d ask you to explain it’s relevance but it has none. If you saw a rapist raping a girl and then you attacked him your character wouldn’t be up for judgement would it so why when i simply mean to knock you down a peg or two back into reality do you attempt to attack my character with such futile attempts using the very things i’ve claimed to have 0 respect for.
Your argument for them being a science is almost sad it’s just hiding behind technicalities. If it is a science it’s a pretty shitty one as it doesn’t deal with absolutes or facts and has made little to improvement in our species.

Don’t feed the trolls, let him have his opinion.

Indeed, the troll is so sick that it didn’t even use punctuation.

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And by the way, @kuramacj , I am sorry you think that way, but if it helps you feel better, I understand. :smile: