The latest thing god showed me

How,to make fictioious concepts reality like from books and movies…

  1. meditate on the power of a question mutter to urself that questions were powerful they had the power to lead u down roads u wouldn’t normally go
  2. mutter to ur self over and over that ur seed goes and grows and is multiplied back to u in a harvest of wisdom financial favor jobs and better jobs raises and bonuses scholarships and grants increased sales every debt paid every bill paid checks in the mail favorable settlements wealth transfer
  3. mutter to urself that as u praise god ur heart is yielding increase
  4. praise god all day singing songs that glorify him
  5. and then read fiction and watch movies
  6. those fictitious things will,manifest in the external world around u

I thought you promised you wouldn’t tell anybody what I told you?

Someone observing me and taking a similiar set of steps made a real life Jurassic park

When this is working u can get the daystar to rise in ur heart with a question like see a light when u shut ur eyes

Fictitious I meant fictitious