I barely leave my house

My skateboard used to keep me outside all day when I was a teen. As I get older I find it so hard to be around people and the city is a scary place, with nowhere to have any privacy. Saw p’doc today but been in my room all day otherwise.


I am a honebody too. Since I gained all this weight I don’t like going out. I feel so fat and ugly.


Yes, I’m also a homebody. No parties or restaurants, unless if I order take out and have to pick it up.

Once in a while I don’t mind going to the bookstore, record stores, or the library.

But those are all places I’m fairly familiar with.


I go out enough but there’s such a thing as being in public too much. Just being an introvert in many, many situations and usually being in public by myself gets me lost and tired. When I was younger I could go from situation to situation out in public with little problem.

During my drug days, and I was living alone my friends were coming over my house at 12:00 am or 1:00 am to party or go to a club. it was no problem except that I had to be to work at 7:00 am or 8:00 am the next day. But the spontaneity didn’t bother me in the least, I was pretty much up for whatever they wanted to do or wherever they wanted to go. (of course it was usually drug or alcohol related).

Eventually it turned into a problem because they were coming over almost every night and I wasn’t getting enough sleep to work the next day and it also made me keep being late to work. This went on for months until my sisters found out and confronted my friends one night and told them to stop waking me up. They were my friends but I was on my sisters side on this one. And they left me alone that night but they gave me a hard time and they didn’t think it was cool of me or my sisters that night.


I go out for work, thats about it and if i could live without work I would and stay home all the time


My mountain bike gets me out of the house.
I get my groceries at like 11pm to avoid people lol


I have some duties that keep me going out. That and exercise because I live in a pretty safe neighbourhood and will often go for a walk/run or cycle.

Two days a week on average I drive into the city…it’s like an hour to the cricket club and help mow the oval and other things. Just having that volunteer work helps heaps with motivation. I don’t want to let anyone down and you get used to it!

I know it’s hard to get out for folk with sz and symptoms but it’s worthwhile having something regular that gets you out of the house…even if it’s just hiking!


I only go out to smoke, as far as leaving my house, only to shop, p/u meds or to eat out. Mostly with my GF.
I finally got a tire pump to fix the tires on my bike, but I am still sedated most of the time now that I’m back on a bigger dose of meds. I tell myself to start going out on my bike, but I still haven’t really gotten around to actually riding.


I leave the house because I can’t stand being at home :frowning:


I am a homebody.

It used to be much worse and I would isolate from family etc.

I could not do the grocery shopping or anything for s while.

I felt attacked by everyone and has delusions voices etc

Since I met my boyfriend about 11/2 years ago things have changed .
I am still a home body but his friends pop around pretty much daily and they were hostile n hateful and trying to drive me away.

I used to be alone always and not have visitors n be in bed 7pm.

I can’t stand some of them .

The other day this horrid new girlfriend of one of his friends.

I feel uncomfortable around some of them rather unbearable.

A lot of themThey talk down at me and are bad behaved in their energy etc

Not many people I am comfortable with perhaps.

I can not explain.

My heart has been hurting for two days.
I do not know why but it feels like mourning.

I was given a dog to get me out to walk her three times a day.
She is dead now.
I left her.
I’m sorry for that.
I was planning to move both of us n even got her a passport.
I was very sick when I had her and was hearing voices 24/7 n even had delusions about her a bit .

Now I have my sacred neigh .
I have had delusions about her too.

I can’t do dinners
I suffer at most dinners with people

It’s ok sometimes like in front of tv or who but mostly difficult


Just adding it was like that as a child I mean I had big problems then
First I was outgoing till age four after age nine I was fu####.


Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by symptoms of anxiety in situations where the person perceives the environment to be unsafe with no easy way to get away.

Nowadays many building owners as well as the government install surveillance camera and video monitoring. It makes me feel unsafe although it should make me feel otherwise.


You can try doing productive activity on the Internet or by using your computer?

Yes, but only when I am unemployed.


I rarely leave my house. Went out on Friday but got pretty stressed afterward. I much prefer my own house


People are always planning stupid situations for me. I try to avoid them.


I’m the same Wave, it sux being agoraphobic. I’ve started going out early in the morning when there are less people around, to pick up groceries and have a walk.


I don’t leave my house. Maybe once a week to go to church


I’m on disability and my paranoia keeps me in the house except for 1- 3 hours a week to get groceries, pick up meds, and maybe go to a restaurant, but only one of a handful I think are safe.


I only go out on Sundays for grocery shopping. Other than that I stay home. I had to go to a new clinic this week to meet my new case manager and I started to have a panic attack. I also have agoraphobia and it gets pretty bad. I don’t have social anxiety anymore somehow, so that’s at least a relief. But I hate going outside my comfort zone. It makes me feel ill and like my head is full of concrete.


I could easily sit right here day after day and never leave the house if my circumstances would allow it, even though I do occasionally enjoy going on an “adventure” of one kind or another - as long as leaving here has a specific purpose and is well-planned, including knowing precisely when I can expect be back. It is not so much that I have any particular phobia about going anywhere, but there are places I definitely do not like to go and I know there is much less chance of anything unexpected coming up, taking place or going on or down here at home. So yes, I guess that kind of makes me a stuck-in-the-mud homebody!


i could not imagine not leaving the house. I’m a busy bee unless its nighttime usually