Do you ever get afraid to leave the house?

I’ve felt somewhat recovered here lately, but I’ve also been afraid to leave the house, do you ever feel this way? All of a sudden afraid to be out and about?

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I use too, like 20 years ago. Didn’t want to go to school, work or even party. Just wanted to stay home where I felt relaxed. CBT helped me overcome my anxiety. I think what you may be experiencing is called Agoraphobia.

Yeah it’s frustrating though, to make it far enough in recovery and have another thing to fight

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I don’t get afraid but have no energy to go outside, always tired from sz negative symptoms.

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Ha! God Yes. I really cant deal with the public. The shopping and bills are done online - and if im short of milk or eggs, the corner shop will deliver them, with card reader in hand.

But had a breakthru today - and after moaning got some anti-anxiety medication.

Its been a bit off a piss-off i live bang on the beach, and hardly been on it or seen the summer cos its been too busy - and the heads been a git.

Ive basically been imprisoning myself for the past few months, cos i was simply unwilling to go thru the mind-fck of worrying just cos somebody looking at me the wrong way if i went outside.


@Headspark, I was going to say the same thing.

@Dizzy, do you have a therapist? They might be able to help you “overcome” this problem, with certain therapy techniques.

It could also be just paranoia. Back in 2019, I was very paranoid, when out and about. I thought someone would kill me, in some way or another. I often thought someone would stab me. But it was just paranoia. Just in my head. Once I was switched to different meds, I felt a lot better, and I wasn’t so afraid to be out of my home.

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lol this is the only time i go outside


I feel unsafe a lot of the time, but I make myself go to places like the drugstore, grocery store, and other places. I could get delivery, but then that would only make my condition worse. I feel a lot of anxiety taking my laundry from my apartment to the laundry room. People have come into my building without permission before. Same with taking the garbage out. It never seems to go away. My doctor doesn’t think it will.


Sometimes paranoia is too high,
agoraphobia, social anxiety,
cameras, aliens etc prevent me from
enjoying time outside home

During my first psychotic break I would get panic attacks trying to leave the house. Sometimes I couldn’t even leave my room

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I’m afraid to drive by myself outside of my comfort zone, which is really a couple of blocks away.

I have no agoraphobia. I just prefer being in and staying at my apartment.

Sometimes I want to lock myself in for a week. Im pretty paranoid and sometimes have grandiose ideations.

No I feel normal


I leave the house maybe once or twice a week, to get food or something. I really have to force myself to do so

Yes, i have had agoraphobia very severe, i was scared to go out of the house and supermarkets were impossible

Im not af big fan of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) but it’s very effective against all phobias.

I got rid of my agoraphobia thanks to CBT and some other things i did.

Yes, when I have anxiety and when I’m paranoid about my surrounding.

No It really just comes and goes anyways, I guess it’s not that bad, but I figured I’d ask y’all. Doesn’t hurt

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I don’t like going out that much if I am talking to myself. Is talking to yourself a symptom of schizophrenia. Right now the people at the Starbucks nearby are nice to me and I go sit there a lot. They told me to bring over my homework should be fun. So much fun having nice people to talk to.

I feel that way now. I leave the house with my husband but I don’t feel safe outside my home. Haven’t in 7 years