I applied for some jobs

And I’m feeling less than optimistic. I’m still not well enough to walk very much but I desperately need a job. I hate searching for a job cause it always makes me feel like a loser. I feel so under qualified and I hate it.

I feel like I’m too disabled to work rn but I don’t really feel like I have a choice. I miss being able bodied I feel like I could do so much if my body would just cooperate. I’m so frustrated right now

I feel like if it’s not my brain it’s my body. I feel stuck.

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I hope you find a job that suits your needs.

I’m also on disability. To me there’s no shame in not working but there is also stigma on not working by society.


Honestly I didn’t expect to be disabled as long as I have been. It’s been hard to accept. I was never the most healthy person but I never thought I would lose my ability to walk.

I feel like I probably should try to apply for disability again. Cause I know there’s no shame in it we all need help sometimes. I just wish it wasn’t such a nightmare to get on disability tbh

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Do you have a disability lawyer? I know others on the forum made use of them to get disability.

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You deserve a lot of credit just for getting out and looking. People don’t understand how scary it is for schizophrenics to get out of their tolerable zone.


Jobs are really hard with schizophrenia. I’ve had trouble staying motivated to keep going. And also handling stress. I just applied to be a real estate photographer. I’m hoping I get it but I may not. I don’t exactly have all the right equipment.

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I unfortunately don’t. tbh I have no idea how to even start with something like that. I got overwhelmed very quickly with it and all the disability paperwork.


Literally all you have to do is call a lawyer and they take care of everything.

I mean, you have to do stuff, but they’ll tell you what and when.

Don’t apply by yourself,

Just call.


Is there a social worker that can help you to fill in the forms. I know it can be overwhelming, but you need to do it. If I didn’t have disability I wouldn’t be able to live alone and would have to move back to my mom’s.

I might have to do that one day but for now I’m enjoying my freedom.

Good luck and try to take 1 step a day on the application. You’ll eventually get there.

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I don’t mean this is a derogatory way, but how do you work when you have alters? Do you have to tell your employer? That seems so hard.

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Honestly I’m kind of lucky in that I have alters that do work very well if I dissociate.

So like if I encounter a trigger at work I typically switch into one of 2 specific alters. And both of them are typically able to do the job. Both are adult enough to handle it and will ask if they don’t know how to do something.

Sometimes someone else will take the wheel and that tends to result in us taking a break and stepping away from the situation.

Honestly I’ve rarely had issues with it. I’ve never had to tell an employer. And if I get confronted about acting strange or anything I typically just say I was feeling off which isn’t really a lie.

It does add some difficulty at times but honestly I’m just so used to working around it, cause I don’t remember a time where I wasn’t like this, so honestly it’s just normal for me.

And honestly feel free to ask questions I hope my answer made sense


How do your alters know what the job is and what to do though?

You said an alter went karaoke singing and you had no knowledge of it.

How is it possible for these alters to also be trained at your job?


So memory is a little weird where some stuff transfers and some stuff doesn’t.

Like for example I’ll know lyrics to a song I’ve never heard because someone else has been listening to it on repeat, but I won’t remember listening to it on repeat.

I’m gonna be real I don’t know entirely how it all works but it seems that generally skills seem to transfer while events don’t?? But there are exceptions to that

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I do also want to add that the longer we’re at the job the better we get at the job. So once we all get settled in it’s pretty smooth sailing


Wow. That’s very interesting. I’m glad you’re able to work. That’s amazing!

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