I am young but I easily forget things

Why? What can I do to improve my memory? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Practise workout and patience for new drug…


I make heavy use of phone and computer calendar reminders. What kind of things are you forgetting that is causing a problem?

The big one I haven’t found an answer to is names.

I also use habits to help keep me from losing things like keys and shoes.


My parents say to do something and other stuff like that and I forget to do it. It happens daily. Yes maybe reminders on my phone will help me. Thanks @twinklestars

Yeah that’s exactly the sort of thing. I put stuff on my phone right in front of people with a set reminder, if I walk away, it’s in one ear, out the other.

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Here is one example : I was on a voluntary break on this forum for 7 days and I almost forgot my password, well almost…

I am also young but my health is very poor;

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Repeat their name in your head right after they say it, several times. Then repeat it while visualizing their face several more times over the next hour or so, and if you can remember, before you go to bed.

I write a daily to-do list. It is very good for remembering all the small things and easier than using your phone’s calendar. But I use my phone calendar with reminders for things that I have to remember at a specific time or date. Also, when you have a to-do list that you write every day, you can check the previous days to see if you forgot to do something. This is very helpful for getting things done, for remembering things and for reducing stress (and thus improving your memory). Make it a routine by trying to do it every day, then you won’t forget to do it when you need it.


I use a todo list and post-notes.

There are post-it sticky notes all over my house in different spots.

I d forget my head if not attached.


I think stress makes my memory worse. Having to do lists and writing and checking in a daily planner as well as setting cell phone and alarm clock alarms all help. sticky post it notes, list, etc all help some. Can, also, do brain training exercises online and things like word search, suduko, cross words puzzles and match it games to keep memorry at it’s best. also, relaxing things to reduce stress helps some.

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@anon9798425 is right,

Make lists.

I write everything down, going through a notebook probably every month.

I’m not sure if I have a bad memory or if I’m just too distracted by my voices,

Either way, I can’t remember anything if I don’t write it down immediately.

The notebook is a lifesaver.