Routine helps memory

Routine helps memory

What do you think?



I have routine or I would not remember to do anything. But I still can’t recall what I have done already. I forget to do important stuff like meetings.

I agree the refrigerator door schedule for my routine and the routine itself helps me remember other things that happen in the day, like when I have to rearrange my schedule to accommodate a doctors appointment .

Not sure about ‘routine’ but concentration I think certainly improves memory.

my routine is day by day so i kind of know what i have done because i do it every week, for example i go to my mums on a sunday and meet withe her and my sis, monday is free so maybe the gym, tuesday is free so maybe spend time with friends during the day then meeting at night, wednesday i have my mum over if she comes or do something else then my sisters place at night, thursday is usually college except for holidays, friday is a free day, saturday is free and sunday is church and then mums again,

i can add things if i wish like i go for a walk almost every morning and also gym and i have been spending a lot of time recently with some friends i made in college :slight_smile:

also in church they are telling a story and i try to memorize it as much as i can and i like it when i remember a certain part of the story that they had been talking about, prayer time teaches humility as well and opens your mind to others,

college is good for memory as well esp if i get homework and i like it when the teacher goes over things again just to clarify what has been said,

gym reminds me to eat properly and teaches me what my limitations are…also helps me to get in shape (working on that)

my friends are really nice and introducing me to new people which is great as long as i dont get any ■■■■ lol

and it all helps me to remember things, it is such a good feeling when you remember what a friend has said or if you have been taught something and you remember it,

my walks also bring me closer to nature and the world that has been created for us, which is great bc i can remember different parts of the trail that i walk and like puddles and flowers, trees and the river, bridges, everything, i love it for that and its so beautiful as well

this is all done from memory as i dont have a list of things to do, my list is in my head, thats what i was talking about memory.

routine helps me not forget stuff when getting out the door. I do need that.


I need to keep up the routine so I don’t forget what it is…

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I’m not so sure about helping memory, but routine always helps me create new ideas, it’s like my mind is on auto pilot, and when I’m doing this same old routine stuff, suddenly I’m unhampered by too much active thought, so a lot of things flow in. I have to hold it in my mind until I can write it down which can be hard.