I have my own personal pharmacy XD


I got into the hospital and have been back for a few weeks. My mind is still twisted, and lately I am hearing voices still and am now on mood stabilized I know I dont take as much meds as many people. I talk back to my my voices still…


i talk to my voices all the time, personally it helps me.
i am glad you are out of hospital.
take care


I talk back to my voices but I try not to. Giving them attention only encourages them to get louder.

Sometimes I can’t help it. Sometimes I do pretty well with making then shut up.


I kinda miss some of my voices now that they are gone. I used to talk with one or two of them all the time.


I used to threaten my voices by lifting weights and practicing krav maga, trying to show them they couldnt ■■■■ with me. I quit doing that when I got diagnosed.