I am very weak, I beg for mercy

I am very weak, I barely managed to complete a walk, I am very weak and frail.


Gosh eric, just hang on! Its terrible this illness.

please help me, help me.
I don’t want to die :cry:

How can we help you?

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You’re not gonna die.

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Where and how long was this walk?

The walk was near my house, how long- perhaps 45 minutes.
For me it is supposed to be easy, I do very intense exercise, but today I am very weak.

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Don’t worry, schizophrenia needs you alive! :slight_smile:

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How hot is it today? And do you smoke?

@Erez_Shmerling you will not die from not being able to walk today. Tomorrow is another day, try again :slight_smile: could be that you’re feeling tired. Sometimes I get tired before period.

No I don’t smoke.
I try to eat healthy.
I do intense exercise.
The weather was not hot because it was about 11 pm when I went to walk.
I will bite the bullet and carry on, as I always do.
Despite all the hostile intrusive thoughts that I get, possibly due to my schizophrenia,
I have a very positive attitude, try to help everyone and wish everyone the best.


@Erez_Shmerling Glad to hear you went for a walk, sounds like a positive step to get out side and move. Definately more than I did today :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe a rest will do you good, i cant walk much either, i get weak as well but that is due to anxiety on my part, take it easy.

It’s gonna be OK. Tomorrow is another day. It won’t be like this always.

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I went for a small walk into town today.
Glad that I did.


If you keep walking on a regular basis it may build up your stamina and make you stronger. There’s no magic to getting stronger, you get out of exercise what you put into it. I have to start being more active too.