I am very much enjoying my Avon business

I get to pass out brochures, take orders, deliver products and talk with my customers while I am at it. I get to know them and make me and them happy all the while. It is really a great job for me. I love it. I am just concerned that the social security administration won’t allow me to continue doing it. That very much concerns me. I don’t even know if I have to report it to social security because so far, I’m not making a whole lot. We’ll see what transpires.


Hope you keep enjoying it


If you make less than like $840 a month I don’t even think it really counts as working.


For SSI or SSDI, @TomCat?

SSDI I think SSI has more restrictions

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Thank you, @TomCat. I’m on SSDI.

The SSA generally wants to know about certain changes. For example, if you move they want to know your new address. They also want to hear about any changes in income. It’s up to you to report these changes. You might want to give them a call and see what they say about your income.

I reported going to work in August and I triggered a review for April or May. Haven’t heard from them yet but I am making more than SGA which is like $1100 or something like that.

You can look it up on their website.

So far, my profit is like $42 in the last 4 weeks. Do they really want to know that?

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I would just say “better safe than sorry”. I would call them. They like to know if you start working (or stop working). My memory is foggy but I think Social Security lets you earn up to $75 per month without it affecting your benefits.


The $75 a month stipulation is for SSI people not SSDI. With SSDI, you can earn a lot more than that.

What does SGA mean @TomCat?

Substantial Gainful Activity. Employment sufficient enough to come off of SSDI.


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Thank you @TomCat.

Thank you for the link too.

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