"I am unaware of something that I already knew"


Is this one of the symptom in schizophrenia?


i think it is

only you are aware of it but you are also in denial

so even though you know something is wrong you don’t want to believe it and so you can’t accept there is something wrong even though you know there is.


Yes I think this can happen as I have seen it with my son when he goes through tough times. Things he used to know or know how to do can sometimes get forgotten. It does come back though.


I used to be able to speak better Spanish due to half my family coming from Mexico. When I was at my worst… I completely forgot all my Spanish. Could barely even speak to family members I used to talk to.

The past few years of stability… my Spanish has been coming back. My brain had to settle down and level out for things like Spanish and math to come back.


I do this a lot myself; learn something “new” only to realize I had learned it only about four months prior and went through nearly the same thinking and questioning that led me to the same answer.

In fact; I think most do this but it stands out to folks like you and I more because we’re paying closer attention to our thoughts and mind farts.


I hope so. Thank you for your input. What a good observation. :smiley:


I think forgetting is caused by stress.


Sure thing. =)

In the most absurd of instances; if you can keep cool and learn from your experiences - you’ll eventually find that your studying neurology. Who better to understand how things can become tangled than one who has tangled themselves previously?


Then we are also the subject of study by medical students majoring in psychiatry…:sunglasses:


For those troubled by conspiracy theory and psuedo-science involving reality; I’ve personally found myself diving back and forth between two perceptions of life. One where I am “up above and questioning” life’ and the other where I am immersed and focused on the world as it naturally looked in previous years (ie; one moment arguing that life is some strange joke and then the next minute forgetting that reality can be questioned and back to arguing over something trivial like video games again.)

Some return trips to the “Twilight Zone” we might find ourselves swaggling down tracks we’ve been over many times previously forgetting that we have. I often times think this might also just be a desire for more sophisticated intellectual stimulation than what life is currently handing us and, when nothing new to crunch, we re-tackle old thought experiments.


The internet is a MASSIVE Rorschac.

Years back I decided to just let rip my thoughts like an open book as a free guinea pig. ha ha.

It helped me learn more about myself and demonstrated to others that us nutters are human too, often times rational and not all of their crazy ideas always turn out to be crazy.

It helped others suffering understand themselves better as well.


What is particularly disappointing is when the government treats us like children with cover ups and lies. Too often, we respond with the expected immaturity.


A delusional theory I tend to manage rationally is that society/government are pretending to be corrupt.
I don’t like being screwed with. I’ve always been an honest person so teaching through deception is extremely patronizing to me; especially since I find I’ve known much better than a lot that seems to be getting taught.

But the above is just myself personally and (obviously) I’m ‘out there’ in my thinking.

If you mean most people in general who don’t think outside of the box - I can understand their frustration. We’re forced into this world without our permission and told no one is owed a living - it’s really setting the stage for taking advantage of others’ desperation through suppression.


I don’t understand “pretending to be corrupt”. The lure of the bad guy?


This falls into the ‘Reality Conspiracy’ category but the world looks much to ignorant to be real. As if our life is a fake dystopia. (kinda like “The Matrix” but the world is also intentionally stupid)

Some theory that we may have been born into a fake dystopia; forcing the thought exercises needed to pull ourslelves together at the same time we’re attempting to pull together our broken world.

Also see the movie “Idiocracy”