I am trapped in a hell hole town full of snobs

The town has turned against me. I feel so much hate from people all the time, and I have done nothing but avoid people. I was judged, I’m treated like a freak for my schizophrenia or bipolar, people think I’m on disability.

Why would you say this? The more you talk bad about yourself the worse your going to feel. You have had a hard time with a mother who is also SZ and you, yourself trying to change your life for the better.

The people who drag you down and hurt you… get away from them. Find new people and a new start. I’d say maybe go to a writers group at the library where you can meet new people who will encourage your talent, not tear you down for a past you had no control over.

Your going to find unhappy and unsupportive people at a bar. Try something new and supportive and positive. No one at a bar is going to support your writing. Our voices tear us down enough with out us adding to it. Please stop calling yourself names.

Your too good for that.


what SurprisedJ said was totally correct, you can not let your past define who you are.
you are better than this.
know that some one cares.
take care.


i feel shunned in my community too. when your different people can be very cruel.
never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups myabe we are witches LOL.

StarryNight - You are not alone. I have the same cruel attacks on my person. Your sex life is your business and we especially me don’t hate you for it. Make your sexual choices and hold your head up high not selfishly or disrespectful to others but because you’re willing to learn about yourself and improve in a way that is right for you. You are loved.


I’m ok I was taking Buspar and it was making me emotional.

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glad ur feeling betterxxx

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I wasn’t acting myself and I posted a few rants on facebook which I deleted.

hey dont worry about it now i sound like the godfather LOL
lack of sleep makes me feel like thatx

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I wish I could control it when it happens, but at least I know the cause was the new medication.

yeah id like to control mine the n8t knowing what real is grr

I know what you mean. I’m doing a bit better, started antibiotics and took some ibuprofen.

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I know just how you feel.

I recently set in search a challenge to determine the probability of the Bible Codes that I have exposed as being merely coincidental or being the real deal. The response was an absolute snob based joke. They spoke down to me as though my value was that of a rats anus.

They did nothing but insult me and try to change the subject. Then they closed the post. Gee…what a surprise.