My perception of stigma and predjudice: Targeting Schizophrenics

I have increasingly become aware of the stigma I have received from people who have targeted my illness. From family, to doctors themselves just being a bull in a china shop when it comes to having confidence in people with a mental illness.

It seems like being crazy is the hip thing nowadays also among gangster rappers and pop media, branding the ignorance of the approach towards mental illness. And meanwhile, while we struggle to survive and outperform undiagnosed people mentally we still get stigmatized with a lack of confidence in those diagnosed or any type of understanding to the vast extent of our illness.

Patience has been a mainstay, and I hope to keep it. But it seems like schizophrenics are seriously stigmatized and seem to have little or no creditability in our community. Who would want to listen to a person who is, (crazy)?

I’m discovering more ways to communicate these feelings without starting arguments with family or healthcare professionals. I hope that our rights will continue to be protected.


i also think there is often a lot of stigma & discrimination from within the mental health community as well in ways.

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There certainly is

One thing I cant stand is that every now and then when I tell someone that I’m a Schiz they ask me “Your not gonna kill anyone are you?” I hate it when Poeple ask me this… I always explain that I’m a Buddhist and I dont even kill insects… how much more a human being?


I often wonder how people like Anderson Cooper can say they have any idea of being a schizophrenic,

He doesn’t get tactile hallucinations of getting a jaw broken or get raped hundreds of times with no where to go and no way to run from it. It’s the most torturous way to live. And we are condemned to some role of being lesser humans because of this brand…and when will respect for people with this illness ever increase possibly?

I’ve grown so much in patience, yet at the same time I have dissociated so much sometimes I feel I have lost certain connections to normal people. They can’t really understand what happens behind our faces, and get a grasp of the pain and loss of freedom we experience.

I’m doing my best to stay sober, stable, and active. It’s not especially easy when you know: (You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t), can take over your entire life if you let it.

I want to be able to bring things to light, so in years past I brought in my own hallucination logs while being immersed in torturous hallucinations to my VA medical staff. When they see a 50 minute 18 page hallucination log, they sometimes begin to cry-or they shake their head in disbelief.

We are the ultimate survivors I feel, and we everyday learn how to manage something very unnatural that betrays us. We have to prove the stigma wrong! We have to keep our motivation up and not let our inner environment take over our real time environment. And honestly, voices and traumas being real or not there’s always a simple question:

They’re hallucinations, why take them seriously or become frightened by them? Why not just build a logic tool box and let rationale take control? Years of this has helped me learn how to endure this brand. And even if these symptoms proved to be real why even take it seriously or think of the abuse acceptable?

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When my in laws first got back into contact with my partner, and my partner told them about my illness, They asked her if i was dangerous. They still don’t trust me with being alone with their little girl.

I’m really sorry to hear that, the stigma and the lack of trust of our kind is just unparalleled.

I just don’t know what i can do to earn their trust. I take my medicine and go to my doctors.

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That’s all you can do, I have multiple diagnosis that includes an aggressive case of schizophrenia with auditory and tactile hallucinations. There’s certain days that beatings get so bad I tell myself the limit is reached and I probably shouldn’t drive. Rape, all sorts of strange tactile traumas that can’t be prevented seemingly from the medicine completely can really test any human being.

I’m going to encourage you to be on your best behavior, and make a hallucination log for 45 minutes one day when things may seem intense. Hand it to them with the time and date beginning the log and ending it, and let them know how well you keep logical and under control in such precarious situations.

This may open their eyes, and get you some more respect.

my therapist suggested something like that too, she said if i talk to them calmly about my symptoms that it may open their eyes.

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Huh?? If you look back in the tribal days…who was the king of thoughts in the tribe? THE WITCH DOCTOR!!
And everyone BELIEVED him or her when they said THE SPIRITS or THE ANCESTORS have spoken to me or REVEALED something to me.BUT the witch doctors kept themselves ISOLATED why?? Because the MORE you are alone
the MORE CLEAR voices,esp,dmt,euphoria of contemplations…will be.I found that HAVING a girlfriend or someone who LOVES YOU SPECIFICALLY…NOT LOCALLY(family members…etc) really helps.
You can complain all you want…but what if a person came to you in a dream and told you that schizophrenics are those who are mentally,spiritually,soulfully,metatronically…free?? Think about the kabla (cabala) look at what really goes on in the thought process!!! WE SCHIZOPHRENICS THINK LIKE THIS NATURALLY!! All those NORMIES (normal) people they reading books so they can think like us…just ponder on that my friend…and then you will see who is REALLY the ones who are stigmatized… famous movie quote: “WHAT HAVE I TAKEN FROM YOU?=(i dont know -victim replies)=YOU GO TO WORK IN YOUR FANCY SUIT,COME HOME TO WIFE AND KIDS,GO BACK TO WORK,LIVE LIFE WITHOUT ANY THOUGHT OF DANGER OR CARE (choking the victim)=WHAT HAVE I NOW TAKEN FROM YOU?” (victim replies)=(((my illusion))) !!! Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding Jr

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I do not struggle with this illness but knows someone who does. I have to say, it is not a “hip thing.” I try to understand my friend and actually am not in contact with her anymore because she is too paranoid. I tried reaching out to her, but to no avail. Sorry, I can study the illness for hours on end but will never fully understand what is in their minds.

It’s actually a lot like rapture if you understand this it’s like you want to burst outside of yourself to take it all away. What’s there to not understand?

I guess if you’re not in someones shoes, it’s really hard to feel what they feel or think. Like hearing voices. I acknowledge the voices and symptoms, but to be actually in that situation is very hard to understand, thus not completely understanding.

Like I said, I had a friend that has this illness, but refuses to contact me anymore. I’ll never understand her reasoning.

I don’t contact a lot of people because I don’t want to be a burden and bring everybody down. I wish they would contact me though. Your call.

I tried to contact her. I left a heartfelt message and a few days later she disconnects her phone. It could be a number of reasons. I know she was under a lot of stress by moving. She wouldn’t even tell me her new address. I tried to help her move and called her and she said she hopes she can keep her sanity around me. Well, I was a little disturbed and didn’t know what to expect, so brought a friend with me to help me move her stuff. I think at that time, she thinks I don’t trust her. but I do.
Sad really. I hope she calls me one day.

She might. Good of you to care.

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This is my post from another thread, I think it gives a good idea of what can go on. My city of 500k has gone down hill a lot in last 10 years due to dirty business tolerated to point it is really affecting a lot of businesses and lives of locals with decreasing pay, increasing cost of living, more social pressures of stigma …

As a female, I have seen members of my community become aggressive/predatorial toward female coworkers. As I get older, now at early 40s, I witness male coworkers TOTALLY acting inappropriately at work/education/church trying to bully women in the community. Things at some local jobs, predatorial male sexual harassers are retained at companies who just run through cheap female labor every 6 months…Some places WILL NOT LET A SINGLE WOMAN work there, the lady will get tortured and sometimes ruined…in some cases, the office POS tried to stalk her for relationship after getting her fired. Local educators are teaching management workshops on how to terminate people on medical leave…Women are being forced into mental care after leaving relationships, called crazy by the male that is done with them/(or rejected) and ruined for a while, sometimes unable to work due to mental problems. There is NO WAY locally in courts or policing to ditch any unwanted male that won’t leave you alone, leaving some women resorting to dating someone else to be left alone or just moving. Many of the ruined women are leaving community after being ruined at multiple jobs, lost their home for 10+ years and car won’t even run out of here due to local crooked car repair guys…these things just hit the women in threes. Women screwed out of the jobs are almost always denied unemployment, most run through their retirement accounts …

Jobs here are just paying too little to bother with it – work environment, few legal defenses any more, aggressive pests/predators in community and wages that won’t pay for cost of living alone. Funny, after the locals began to leave, saw lots more people hired from out of town, screwed and left within a year. Found out this just happens in some smaller cities…

Some of the churches here have worked on ‘healing’ of schizo symptoms leaving their members almost nuts sometimes and stalking/verbally harassing people who got into mental care & needed SSDI…Many of these filed for SSDI themselves and could not wait for an approval of benefits so the hatred and passive aggression is terrible force to recon with in this community if you ended up on SSDI. There is SO much anger to tap. This hatred just adds to the toxic work place causing a ‘hostile work environment’ where some mentally ill professionals think there is a ‘cause’ for their own symptoms and pursue a specific coworker for ruin…Some are so messed up, they think their employer is the problem and they will work on ruining the employer financially by ruining equipment or not sending out billings to cause revenue drop…Sitting at a restaurant and an old fart couple starts to discuss disability payments and ‘some people should be taken out and shot for going on disability payments’, is an example of some of the ugly people who may be working at the next desk. Some communities made so many of these folks in the under 35 crowd, they interrogate a visitor about his employment to find out source of income to determine how to treat a new stranger – Some cities have so many people who act like this, local business owners had a lot of people they just could not hire without a huge risk to business so hiring out-of-towners was only solution. Outsiders were lured into the community only to find a zombie army of local youth who are passive aggressive/predatorial who jealously preyed on the new workers who came to town calling the crap ‘drama’ and torture of these new workers began if person could not handle it without much response or tried to ask questions. Destruction of private property/vandalisms/theft/fires/burglaries/worse happened when some of the local crazies blamed a new local for causing more mental symptoms for the locals if a treated schizo person moved there to work…Groups of kids roved poor neighborhoods in gangs of 10+ harassing new workers as an initiation, threatening new people who moved there to work. People who left were told discussion of any local’s behaviors would result in retaliation…many times social problems with your new city’s screwed up people.

Some bigger communities have managed to form an apartheid system of separation for the people who were actively psychotic a lot…these people were tortured out of the school and any advancement they sought, told they must work in restaurant or retail harassing some of the unwelcome customers. Most of the skilled jobs went to the older adults who would not act crazy or got along with the REALLY aggressive predatorial office Alpha Top Dog. As these retire, the foreigners and people from out of town had to take the employment, tolerating the stiffling bull-crap of the community’s ruined called ‘drama’. Sadly, the fast food poverty caste frequently had to resort to drug dealing to pay the bills after working for fast food wages in city cost of living area. All sorts of people dealt drugs to survive, but no one left the drug dealer’s ranks unless in jail or worse. Not easy to quit the drug dealing culture…Some middle class women were misled into relationships with a new man who tried to shack up quickly, then informed the woman she would be living in a drug house.

I became aware of smaller communities that would advertise for their jobs in regional newspapers luring in females who tried to leave the city for calmer life. Some of these women, sometimes ladies hired repeatedly for same job, became target for local drug dealers, were tormented until a nervous break resulted and man tried to ride the woman’s SSDI check. Local police would lock women who argued about the drugs up in mental hospital at own expense whenever needed…This is way area got new women. Some small communities do protect their abusers and a new resident to town will be pursued for vandalism/theft at home or work stoppages/stolen work equipment to make new residents compliant to local abuser’s demands.

Some workplaces will just create an annoying environment like group of coworkers who sat there babbling crazy talk to each other for days, especially if you ever discuss SSDI check, your diagnosis, worry aloud or share much about your personal life. While other situations are great, just horribly short staffing and terribly low pay being my only problems with it…great coworkers can still be found if you work hard as a rule, show good nature/patience and do not complain much. Some places will have the coworkers acting nutty if you discuss any of the community ‘drama’ after you moved to a sick community.

Males who are confrontational are tortured out, fired and harassed by all kinds of strangers. Sometimes the next job will be ruined or equipment stolen if the male continues to complain about local abusers/harassment, even if he moved.

If you ever found anything wrong at a job, you need to keep it quiet if you cannot resolve the problem with management/coworkers. Talking about it in community can result in unwanted attention for some from the wrong kinds of people…Some communities run such a sick place, people are encouraged to only share positive information and never refer to anything negative where you feel you got screwed/mistreated or the problem may come back to haunt you. If you just leave these situations quietly, the troubled people would leave it alone…

Getting involved in any causes, social stuff or even church in a sick community, you could be opening yourself up to be ruined, especially if you were not invited to these by a person you have known for a while.

With the wealthy nut-jobs “special interests” who have extensive history of abuse of people in the community left in place by cops, politicians and courts, the divide between power and peasants increases. The Bill of Rights should decorate many a bathroom as time passes, as US moves closer to ruin and govt is running things on funny money from abusers. Business leaves US, India can run the luxury engine of the internet. There are a lot of people who would be sickly satisfied by US becoming a third world country for trying to just run restaurants/retail and ran out all other employers from US.

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I like the idea in putting a copy of the Bill of Rights in every public restroom. In fact I may do that.

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