I am not the most liked child in my family

I think it’s not true that parent doesn’t have a favorite child

Mate. Families are complicated and as they say…you can’t pick your relatives.

Schizoprhenia is a burden on everyone in your family. It’s a burden on yourself!

Things to do are look after yourself! Do what you can to be an active member of your community…for me I live with my parents and I’m 47 years old! You just need to look out for you!

Hang in there and do your best. All anyone expects!


My friends mum told her that her eldest child is or was her favourite out of them but she was disappointed when he started taking drugs.

My mum has indicated her youngest child is her favourite because the birth was extremely traumatic and made them so close.

My fathers x girl friends told me My younger sister is his favourite because she has long legs and a body he approves of.
He cares about appearances and looks and bodies.
He told her he did not want my brother or me as children cause we were are ugly.

I think it is common for parents to be closer to someone than the other ones or just love them more.

I am still pleased and thankful despite not being favourite.lol
Even s hate on me cause my wrongs .

But still love there.

My grandma that died used to say I was her favourite grandchild.

Despite that I was a horror she remembered me as a toddler so that kept the love going even when I was horrid n older.

I have the other woman who raised me and was such a stability for me to be able to turn to.

I believe we had a telepathic and spiritual relationship.then I was too messed up …

She still stayed there for me even when my father and her broke up.

Maybe she remembered the good and forgave me when I was not myself and knew me deeper in soul and spirit and humour etc

Favouritism does exist.


It can cause jealousy whether it is real or not.

It can also hurt and feel excluded outsider etc


It’s difficult to like someone who doesn’t contribute to your life and sadly those of us with schizophrenia have trouble doing that. I at this point in my life have a very dull existence and often don’t contribute much to my family’s well being. If your family still lets you participate in family events consider yourself fortunate because even though they love you they need a fellow helper. If you are with family this Christmas offer to help with something they are doing or if all you can think about to say is about how miserable you are don’t say it. Talk about what others in the family are up to instead. It’s not just about you. I bet you play favorites as well if you think about it.

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Idk differs situation to situation,

How your own foundation equates from these things.

My brother was my mother’s favourite(she’s dead now). My sister is my father’s favourite .

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U are favorite to ur wife…!!! Am i right @firemonkey…!!!

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lol you make me laugh sometimes far_cry

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When she was alive-yes.


Hey @anon20318121 My english is super poor here …!!! Anyways dont mind i am trying to improve my english language… what is ur national language there in south africa… is it english…!!!

Yea man you a great guy :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Everyone speaks english, well most but theres 11 languages here so it gets abit much

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it’s true. I am liked. I feel accepted. it was never an issue for me.

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If I were not the only child, I don’t think I’d be the favorite anymore. I never noticed as a child, but these days my parents have something negative to say about almost everyone I hang out with regularly. They are mostly disabled, maybe that has something to do with it. She’s being immature and stubborn, she’s always complaining, she’s a bad influence, at least you’re not that bad, etc. it is getting tiring, I never knew they had so much prejudices against the disabled. I’m sure they think less of me now that I am the way I am. I live a happy life and have come to terms with my illness but I don’t think my parents have.

I was always my Mothers favorite.
My brother is probably my Dads favorite.

my mom’s favorite was my brother. because he was born with so many problems and then grew up with autism, adhd and bipolar disorder

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