I am staying Away from Red Meat

I am no longer going to eat any kind of Red Meat - staying away from one of my favorites - Hot dogs especially.

There are brand new studies that indicate processed red meats can cause Cancer, especially Colon Cancer.

Not a Vegetarian, as I am still sticking with Chicken and Fish.

No more Beef, Pork or Lamb of any kind for me - thats for sure.


I think people with big teeth are dumber than people with small teeth. Our ancestors with small teeth ate more fruits and berries and nuts which made them smarter than those big-toothed meat eaters.

All of my friends with big teeth are kinda dumb…and all of my friends with small teeth are smart.


@Wave me too. Came back from my pdocs appointment about an hour ago and my cholesterol is a bit high. New diet for me.

@Patrick nice theory. I have small teeth.

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Been right off red meat for years it discusts me it is too bloody and horible

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I was kinda joking with my big teeth/small teeth theory…but I suppose there may be a grain of truth in it.

Lol. I got the joke.
But I want to believe in it!

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good for you. I don’t believe in eating animals but these meds made me insensitive and shallow. I’ve been eating animals and fish for four years now and I enjoy it. I’m lacking willpower because i love sushi and seafood and lobster day. I like mushroom sauce with steak and chicken in pasta. There are so many alternatives and I know how to make the best tofu dishes. Maybe someday.


I’m not happy about this report !!

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From that link

Red meat is the healthiest food you can eat. This is what we ate at the beginning so it makes it our default food.
Its like saying lions should avoid a gazelle.

Illnesses started appearing when we started eating what is not our default food and when we started to invent our own food. .Grains are not healthy and they make you fat. Uht milk, margarine, fried food, sweet food and so on. Today all we eat is this, that is why there is cancer, cardiovascular diseases and so on…


I think we also eat large quantities. In prehistoric times, hunters wouldn’t bring meat everyday, people survived on fruits, vegetables and seeds. Now we even eat meat for breakfast. Animal products should be kept to a minimum in general. Plus it’s ruining our planet


I was in my healthiest frame of mind when I was a Vegan. I was a Vegan for approximately four or five months this past year. It was actually completely dense with vitamins & minerals, I had plenty to eat.

I decided to go back to an omnivoric diet in the Spring & Summer to see if there was a difference - and there was: I was happier, but had less energy/got heavier.

Now I’m a lacto-vegetarian. This basically means that 99% of my diet is plant-based, with some to little dairy involved. Unfortunately, because of my omnivoric family & various gatherings, I am induced into eating meats from time to time, maybe once or several times a month.

To be perfectly honest, though, everything I buy is basically vegetarian. I will on occassion give into a “meat craving”, but those seldom happen. I’ve noticed it’s just my body demanding more iron or protein, really, but tricking me to eat meat.


Yes, I’ve done the math. One or two deli sandwiches is no harm, neither is several dinners with the family where meat is offered. I don’t let it bother me, but I would still like to be perfectly free of meat again, it was a savory mental experience.

I’m staying away from green meat


The World Health Organization (WHO) recently published a monograph summarizing the results of a systematic review of the evidence for the association of red meat and processed meat with cancer. Their results were red meat to journalists, or at least their headline writers, who love sensational headlines like, “Red meat causes cancer.” Whenever you can say something common causes cancer, that’s a good day for journalists.

Let’s put their report into perspective. For red meat they found that there was only limited evidence for any risk for colorectal cancer, but there was strong mechanistic evidence, meaning that a causal connection was plausible. Red meat is essentially any meat from a mammal (beef, pork, lamb).

For processed meat there was sufficient evidence for an association, and they didn’t comment on the evidence for a mechanism. Processed meat includes any meat that is smoked, cured, or salted (bacon, sausage, jerky, ham).

For processed meat they concluded that eating 50 grams per day (a little less than two slices of bacon) increases risk of colorectal cancer by 18%. That is a relative risk increase, the absolute risk increases by 1% (from 6 to 7% lifetime risk).

Red meat also has nutritional value, and so risks always have to be balanced against benefits to determine net health effect.

Part of the limitation of the studies reviewed is that they are observational, not experimental. Therefore there is the potential for confounding factors. A 2009 study, for example, found that:

“Subjects who consumed more red meat tended to be married, more likely to be of non-Hispanic white ethnicity, more likely to be a current smoker, have a higher body mass index, and a higher daily intake of energy, total fat and saturated fat; whereas they tended to have a lower education level, were less physically active and consumed less fruits, vegetables, fiber and vitamin supplements.”

Red meat consumption, therefore, is associated with a host of other factors known to be risk factors for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. It is therefore difficult to single out the red meat as a causative factor.


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their bones are at our feet i guess, their blood runs rivers through the land,

when we were hunter gatherers i think it was probably more scavenging mostly as well so the animal may have been dead already but then weapons were invented and we started to kill animals and each other as well,

the start of modern warfare and butchery.

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I avoid plaid meat.

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I avoid red team