I am sorry

Before i was banned i said some stuff, and argued with moderators and said things i shouldn’t have…I was going through a hard time, and took out my anger on the forums, and i apologize. I would like to use these forums again if my ban has been lifted it seems…i will respect the forum’s rules for now on. If you will let me.


I remember your artwork the most. I always thought you are very talented. Let bygones be bygones. 95% chance no one even remembers what your conflict was here in the past. Don’t name call, don’t troll, and be respectful - these seem to be the largest priorities on these forums. There are people who are CURRENTLY on these forums who do worse than you did, on a daily basis it seems. So yeah man, from me to you - welcome back. :smiley:

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appreciate it, i really do

welcome back… :heart:
take care :alien:

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Glad your feeling better and…

we all go through a rough time…

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