I am sad mad and bad tonite

some are lucky. they get all the support and help they need. not so for me.

never for me.

here on the forums i feel better thanks.



I’m kind of feeling the same way for the same reasons. I think this feeling flares up every so often and I’m not sure why. You’re not alone…

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Please hang in there @ifeelblessed

FEEL Better! I’m here withcha!

I’m bored as god knows what apathy is destroying me but I somehow let time pass.

Ever since my pdoc increased my Seroquel from 200 mg to 300 mg, I feel so much better because I’m getting so much better sleep.

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thanks for your replies.

i am also sick and tired of getting verbally and psychologically abused by my super at work.


It’s nice having you here @ifeelblessed

it’s nice being here butterflyy.

thank you for your kind words to me.


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