I am pissed

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I know there is private regular Drs but not sure if there is private pdocs. Anyways I can’t afford it as its too expensive and I only have public insurance which only covers public healthcare, not private healthcare. I guess I just have to wait then call them again.

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Good luck with med reduction.

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I wouldnt even try it if the meds didnt have adverse effects

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Like i said in other threads . Go to a therapist pay for a session or 2 and get them to make a call to get you referred in to the psychiatrist.
Unless quebec is on a different system it should be the same as other areas of canada

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Please explain. How do I get a therapist, do I need a referral from a doctor?

In canada you can call any therapist and pay for a visit.

Its like $130 a visit.

Can this plan go wrong in any way, could the therapist have no pdoc to refer you to?

Im not sure. Mine asked me why i dont have a psychiatrist and i told her the wait list thing was over year. And she said i needed one asap so she called one up for me and got me in about 4 to 6 weeks later.

Now i have one i can see in about 1 week notice

Then i stopped seeing the therapist

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I’ll look into it, I’m not happy how long it is taking getting a referral from the clinic I go to.

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Are you in canada? Are system is kinda difficult to get into unless your basically psych ward hospitalized but then you just get the inpatient psychiatrist.

My current psychiatrist works out of a clinic.

I live in Toronto

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