Hard to get to see a pdoc in my country

I feel it’s almost like I have to threathen suicide before someone will see me.

I applied 3 times and got turned down every time. This is a problem. My regular doctor refuses to do anything advanced when it comes to the meds. I’m not getting a sleepaid from her if I switch meds, which I need.

I’m tempted to ask if I can try to quit, because she can perscribe me a sleep med if I decide to quit AP’s, but won’t combine 2 meds that can interact. I guess they would get in trouble if anything went wrong when they aren’t pdocs.


Sounds bad that.
Ive been denied sleep aid before and told to find other methods.
I hope you get a pdoc.


I haven’t got a pdoc at moment either.

I just see my Gp but she won’t prescribe more than half a imovane a day so I want to see a psychiatrist for my insomnia.

Privately they cost $300 which I can’t afford so I will see if I can apply to see a bulk billing one.

I haven’t had a psychiatrist for about four years.

My psychiatrist in sa should have referred me to someone in my new state but I guess she thought I was stable enough.

I’m pretty stable just the insomnia and some anxiety in afternoon evening n night if I can’t sleep.

Good wishes to us both on getting a psychiatrist.

In our country it’s a long waiting time to see one .

Over a year waiting and that’s for private one but I can’t afford private one.


Thanks. Yeah, guess we need some luck. Seems the demand is ever rising for people needing help. Society must be failing in some way.

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im sorry you guys cant find the support you need

when i moved from ma to me i got a pdoc right away cause of suicide attempt

then they saw how ill i was and were able to get me a grant to join the act team which is a mh team that you work close with

i guess part of the reason i got it so quick was because i was becoming hi and told my first therapist here that i was going to kill him cause he was going to call the cops

he was an a hole saying i was to sick to be treated i needed the hospital

but any ways im sorry you cant get the help you need

i hope it will come sooner than later

good luck


What country do you live in?

Norway 15151515

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