I am not so happy

Feel like a misfit everywhere now except for my work place doing work. Lost within my delusion. Toughest phase of my life. Where everyone else is right. Feel like i got wrong life or i got the life wrong. I am supposed to be educated and working. Sadly inside i feel like just born. Not able to get satisfied doing anything. Every thought is depressing. I feel now the forum now is above my intellect and most are happier than me. All are mixed up. Quitting every deed and just sitting.

May peace be with you, sriharryster. :leaves:


I’m sorry you’re feeling so down. What helps you fight the delusions? Do you like to listen to music on headphones?

My happiness kinda comes and goes, constantly everyday.

I find that having little goals helps me feel like I am leading a fulfilling life. Hope this helps.

Take care :v:


In AA they call that “judging your insides by other people’s outsides”. There have people who I almost envied their serenity, only to find out that their mind was doing cartwheels inside their heads. Things will get better for you.

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hey friend. You sound a bit down! That isn’t normal to feel that way. It’s not a hard thing to call your doctor. Please. Your a good egg and you need to look after yourself!


Yes @rogueone Thanks… will go to doc tomorrow. Not in peace now… Hope it gets better.

What exactly is bothering you? Are you working too hard and have no time to yourself? Is it a mood swing? See if there is something you can change to feel better… Yeah like the person above said maybe what you need is meds!

There are many things. Anger inside me, Confusion, Fear, Paranoia, My moods, Loneliness, Bad past, Nervousness, Sustainability etc… The reaponsibilities seem huge. People near me are least bothered about me now because i lost the reputation once i had after a nasty episode. Dont know what to do, what to talk and what not to. Just plain dead inside me. Check mate.

I used to have music on headphones all the time. Now it seems whats the use. I am wasting time of mine and others. Some intrusive thoughts. There is absolutely no pleasure in doing anything. I am on long weekend even that seems a pain.

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U will find peace soon sri…!!!