I am no better than a drug addict

My use of diazepam is coming to an end. The psych people don’t want anyone on it anymore.

I will struggle with this as I have been taking it for years.

They would not even let me have more so I could get some sleep last night

I am so angry, but I realise now I am addicted to it.

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Benzo withdrawal is hard. I would hope they would taper you off it instead of just stopping it.


you have to do a slow taper off, dont try to stop taking it cold turkey. valium is usually the one most used when tapering because of the long half life, but stopping cold turkey is the worst can cause many terrible physical and mental withdrawal symptoms lasting up to years after discontinuation even past the danger zone of acute withdrawal.

withdrawal symptoms come in phases and not all at once, during acute withdrawal there is increased risk of seizures or death. it can be avoided by doing a micro taper. i stopped klonopin cold turkey and the suffering has been extreme.

look into the ashton manual for info on how to get off benzos comfortably, heres a link: https://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/ if any doc tells you to just stop taking it then u need to find a doc who knows more about benzos because its no joke


Yes. Slowly taper off. I had a gran mal coming off of xanax and that was only like 2 mgs a day. It’s a silly thing which is probably in response to all that damage the painkillers have done to our societies. I’m not a fan of knocking big pharma but there’s some seriously dangerous policies that these drug companies do for profit.

Benzo’s aren’t the best thing and are addictive but they can be useful especially in the short term. Tirate down for sure and let your doctor know you can’t just stop. That is unreasonable if you take a bit.


Hagrid is right if your gonna quit Xanax might as well as taper off otherwise you might have a 3 day hangover no big deal. Most likely why there taking your meds away is because you scared someone and they called the hospital on you for drinking and taking a bunch of pills.

It’s not a big deal to get hooked on medication if you need it. That doesn’t make you crackhead addict stealing for your next high.

Im surprised you was able to store that many drugs. Im lucky if i get 7, 10mg valium every 6 months. Maybe this is just the right time to quit.

Will ask my AAdoc about attending NA sessions, could be a challenge.

I was on 30mg a day for a year and I cut down myself and kept getting the prescriptions and I hoarded it

I started taking it again a few months ago and have got away with getting a refill for 20 mg a day

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That’s what they did with me and Klonopin. It made the med. withdrawal tolerable.

People overexagrrate about dependency of benzodiapines. Yes it’s addictive, put taking like 5 or 10mg diazepam often it’s not bad. Real problem starts when people take like 2mg+ of clonazepam or xanax daily.

So I’ve still not heard back from my quit smoking forum, I will have to chase it up eventually. I’m thinking of going to an AA meeting today, even though I hardly drink alcohol. The only requirement is the intention to give alcohol up completely. I’m not sure I have that intention, I believe alcohol has its place, if only as a social medicine. What I really want to join is an SAA group, but I don’t know where the nearest one is. I will have to google it. Thank you.