I am feeling quite bitter about my life today

i guess it is just one of those days when all the bad stuff sticks in my memory.

i always wanted to marry a nice jewish man that loves me, but now i am losing hope that i’ll ever have that. it is very very depressing.

i feel like a servant – i take care of things and people and nothing or not much back.

this is a miserable day. sorry.


People with mental illness can be rather sensitive. Maybe right now you need to do something nice for yourself.

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thank you mim. you’re a real nice person to say that.

i hope you’re doing a great day for yourself as well.

hugs, judy

Maybe you could quit doing some of the nice things you do for other people, at least temporarily. Try to enlist their help. If they don’t help, maybe you could quit long term. Just take care of your personal area and let others live in their own crud.

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I’m bitter too. As a wife and mother, I feel like servant. My attempt at a career was met with discrimination and meanness. It’s a cruel world out there I have found. I try to find satisfaction in taking care of my family. There is honor in serving I think. It’s really hard and impossible to change the world.

The bad stuff sticks with me too. Some of it happened over thirty years ago.

Find a balance maybe and treat yourself as nice as you treat other people. You can still help people but treat yourself kind too.


hi guys. thanks for your support and replies. today is another day and i started it right with exercise.

i feel like i fell down emotionally and now i am getting up again.

how are you guys doing?


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