I am losing my looks and have no experience

It’s official, my face is sagging! I’m losing all that’s left of my looks. I’m fifty one now and have only had a few girlfriends in my life. I was strikingly good looking as a youth and could have anyone if only I’d chosen. It’s true. I’m sad that I never got to know more girls, not just the sex part but to Know more people! I’m a believer in predestination and my belief comforts me. What’s it people say when it doesn’t work out between people- it wasn’t meant to be. I have my art.


Ugh… I know what you mean :pensive:

Elderly people with all sorts of wrinkles and jowls and such find love. They get romantic and they marry. Don’t give up


I understand. I could have gotten married when I was young, but I just didn’t think I’d be happy with them. But I would have been a lot happier than being stalked by men I hate.

I’m 36 and a virgin
never had a real girlfriend and never kissed a girls lips
I’m a loser
bye the way I live in Iran :expressionless:


Sorry dude, that’s harsh. But try to look at it in a better light, you might be better off because you don’t know what your missing out on. I lost my Virginity at 14 and had sex pretty much every day all throughout high school and into my University years until I became psychotic, then my love life went dry, So I know what I am missing and it sucks.

You’re not a loser, you just have a serious mental illness that turns people off, it’s unfortunate but that’s the way it is. @Aziz posted a statistic that 80%-88% of schizophrenics are single and I think a majority are male so you’re normal in that sense.

I hope you get laid one day though. For what it is worth Sir Isaac Newton died a Virgin so you’re not alone and he is NOT a loser in my books because of that.


"I have my art " I like that.

Careful what you wish for. A lot of relationships don’t work out, and when they end it hurts like hell.

That’s not to say all relationships fail, I’m just speaking from my own experience of going through that loss

I wouldn’t go calling yourself a loser, simply because you have had different life experiences than some others. That’s not being fair to yourself


It’s okay to be a virgin at 36.

I would not mind if I was at 36 myself, a virgin.


Sex is overrated!

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Sorry you’re feeling down @Jinx . We all age, some of us more gracefully than others, but still. When I was younger, I used to have girls hitting on me all the time, but I was usually in a relationship so did not follow up on them. But it was still nice to be wanted somehow.

Do you feel that a relationship is still a possibility?

I am noticing things now

Recently I was living a more youthful self as I got my weight right down

Now it’s going in the other direction again, and I have stopped doing physical work

When I get my hair cut, I have to tell the barber no thinning scissors on the top, as you can see my head through my hair on the top now

I think you’re lucky to reach 51.

Hope I don’t get that far. The amount I smoke I am on a suicide mission - and I have no intention of quitting. At all.

It’s going to kill me, as I take the piss out of it

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I had a very close relationship with a woman when I was 18 and 19, we made a lot of love, so I should have been more careful of my words. About the guy from Iran, you’re still young! It’s not that I’m ancient, I’m just unwilling, I shouldn’t complain, it’s a choice that I’m unable to reverse.


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