I am intruder I have no brain

I can multitask and make a computer horse

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What do u mean…???

I mean that life has no meaning

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Life itself has no meaning… we have to make it meaningful.

Sz sucks…


No we don’t it would be a lie

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Sz doesn’t suck you made it suck

Life has immense meaning.
It is a dream to live.
DON"T YOU DARE discourage the users here!
They should get encouragement, motivation and support!


Loneliness sucks
Getting older sucks especially when you have schizophrenia

Don’t blame sz on what you don’t have it doesn’t effect intellect

There is without sz people that has no meaning their life purposeless it’s not sz

Sz it’s a Disease and it’s treated with medication

Schizophrenia is not the only problem in the world

@shellys12 these are intrusive thoughts, nothing sucks, it is OK to get older, it is possible that you will survive
to see schizophrenia cured or to be able to change your parameters,
there are people who age well like Roger Federer, he is still active and winning at an advanced age.

I like your positivity it might rub off on me


I don’t agree @crazy_dancer_arcade_pro, schizophrenia should get CURED, and these stupid medications at best control
some symptoms to a certain degree, and have very bad side effects.

To me it doesn’t have side effects and control my symptoms 100 :100:

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You are again wrong @crazy_dancer_arcade_pro , Schizophrenia OFTEN( not always) has SEVERE COGNITIVE SYMPTOMS and impairment,
it is even part of the official description of the disease.

Szophrenia is different to everybody

I have to agree with speedy, sz is different for everybody.but remember @crazy_dancer_arcade_pro that just a couple of days ago you wanted to quit the forum

Life has no meaning