I am going to walk around the lake today with my behavriol therapist

The trail is 2.1 miles long. I am not in good shape. Wish me luck that I can make it. I feel pressure, because my behavriol therapist can fire me if I don’t make it all the way around the lake.


Enjoy your walk!

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Good luck @Jake

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Why would your behavioral therapist fire you?
That won’t happen @Jake

Just enjoy your time around the lake.
You’ll be fine.


Just try to relax and let yourself enjoy nature. If you can’t relax, do you have something for anxiety?

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Are you back yet? How did it go @Jake

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I signed a contract with her that said I have to do all my chores or we have to pay her without working with me.

i would love to have someone to go for bushwalks with once a week.

i do not have any friends to walk with.

i have no one to walk with.

i dont feel comfortable around my sister because she is so agressive and treats me badly so i avoid her.

hope you enjoyed your walk.

i love lakes.

my x used to take me to local lake in sweden when i lived in sweden.
was awesome.
always made me feel better.

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I am proud of myself. We walked around the lake. We walked at a fast pace too. I haven’t been eating a lot lately, because of depression and I felt weak. I still made it.


Yes, I have something for anxiety, but I didn’t need it. Thanks


I don’t blame you. Can you get a peer support specialist? They can go for walks with you if you like

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good luck with the walk @Jake !
i hope you will enjoy it

nicely done @Jake
did it feel good?

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I go and walk alone. I used to always ask someone and I had to keep waiting and waiting. Now I just walk alone whenever I want. A game changer!

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i wish i could walk alone too =)
it’s really nice that you do that @Jonathan2
must feel really good that you do that by yourself.


How was the walk @Jake ?


thank you.

no i am not seeing a pshychiatrist at moment but just a my gp.

i can not get a support worker to walk with me and if i could it would have to be someone im comfortable enough with and who is nice to me.

im a little afraid of bush walking by myself.
i could get bitten by a snake or spider or fall over or get raped etc

dont know if i dare.

my dog is too little to go with me.
he can not walk far at all.


You’re awesome! Go man go!

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I felt better because I got to socialize. Thanks

Thanks @iconoclast_01 ……151515