I just walked to the park and

Now I don’t feel like walking anymore.

How will I get home.

Also I’m really bored.

I’m just sitting on a log and I forgot to bring my gloves. :cry:


You should listen to your favourite music while walking to the park.


Update… I’m walking now


@anon83141956 I can so relate to this.

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Tread lightly. Travel safe.

Maybe look around for compositions and scenes to draw? I get a lot of ideas from the different angles of walking and being about. I even keep an art journal of things that move me somehow during certain days… does the scenery give you any ideas?
Be inspired.
You can make it home.


I was thinking the same thing. Take in all the scenery and find something(s) to paint or photograph


Sleep in the park lol


Hey good job stepping outside today! You did good! Happier times will come!!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I hope you made it back alright😦

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Hehe yea I finally walked back cos my hands were so cold they needed warmth.

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Lol yea with my crazy paranoid freak brain I better not.

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You know that’s not a bad idea for the future summer. Just sitting and drawing listening to the nature sounds in the background.

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I noticed you said in other thread you can’t focus on tv and reading. I have same problem. Did you ever try audiobooks? I can focus on them.

I don’t think it would interest me. I have no money left. I wasted it all on binge food.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

How’s Lockdown going?

It’s going ok. I’m not really drinking because Idon’t see friends. Also gave up smoking. My life isn’t very different only seeing friends less.

That’s so good you gave up smoking. How long have you not been smoking for
Keep it up!

Since Monday. Dfgg

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