Spiraling thoughts

I feel so alone.
Spiraling terrible thoughts
Cant say them outloud or they will come true
So scared


I’m so sorry to hear that.

I give you a hug of understanding. :hugs:

Not exact understanding but I also don’t feel comfortable to share everything

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sorry you are feeling out of control

are you on meds and dx?

maybe some one you can trust to talk to

no mater how real the thoughts seem

remember they are not real

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Hey hope ypu feel better @Owl82 … are you on medication at the moment? I would highly recommend it because it helps me a lot

I would start testing reality to see if that’s really the case. The world goes on independent of us doing anything. We are connected to it, but our power is limited. I think of it as a blessing rather than a curse.

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Yes im diagnosed schizoaffective and take meds, ive just been having a hard time the past week. Im going to call my doctor tomorrow

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good i hope they can help with a med change

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