I am feeling scared today with no reason

I came out of my house today…i tried to socialize… but i felt super anxious and fear ful… i hate this life…

Life sucks…


Hey mate. It’s ok to have bad days it really is. It’s not easy dealing with a mental illness but your trying and that is important. Life can be hard but tomorrow may bring you something new. You just never know what is around the corner and it’s worthwhile hanging in there!

Sorry that your having a hard time with it. It’ll pass!


@far_cry0 I know that feeling all too well. It’s horrible when it’s happening but as @rogueone says it passes. I hope your day gets to be better soon.


Keep trying far cry
Don’t beat yourself up

When I have a rough day I am extra nice to myself. Just drink a warm cup of milk or tea, do something to feel better. Not everyday is a winning day but I think it is good at least you tried. A little exercise is the best guaranteed way to raise your mood.

i fear people too, its tough, the world is filled with bad ppl and ppl who are very heirarchical and just genrally bad. like people, even my family, look down on me because of my mental illness.

we also have social cognition issues, kind of like late onset autism. so don’t be surprised if you have a hard time understanding what to do in social situations.

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For me it goes and comes but as soon as someone aproches me my heart stops and I panic my chest hurts and my heart starts pounding so hard and suddenly I expect the worse It is he’ll. But I’m must learn to control that feeling. Hope you feel better now or soon man. Blessings.

Hey far cry you tried and that’s all anyone can ask. Well done.

We all get anxious. Everyone on this earth gets anxious. You are not alone in your feelings.

I struggle with this too.

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