I am feeling in danger

Today my in law asked me for some money, which is a lot to me now. I haven’t went to their place for several years (not being invited anymore subsequent to falling ill) and he asked me to go. Lacking thinking abilities, I gave him what he asked. I think he is taking advantage of my disability. In front of the bank machine, he used his arm to keep a distant of me and input more than what he asked me for in the keypad. He asked a lot of my information like where I work, my office hour, which bus I take, when I take it, my daily routine, how much i earn and the nature of my voca rehab program. Last time he did that to my father, he broke into our apartment and took my mom’s jewelery and precious metal. I’m feeling in a crisis. I feel my mind frozen, or I don’t initiate anything I can act on. He asked me to keep a secret and don’t tell my mother and my sister. I think it is very inappropriate but I didn’t voice that out.

Now that the money is gone, I think he would never return that to me. I told my mom and she said I shouldn’t go to their home. My mom stressed that if anything happen to me, she would swipe me out and wont ever look at me again. I feel unwell.

I think the response of your mother was inappropriate. It would have been better if she tried to help like contacting your inlaw. I usually say no I don’t have any money when people try to bum off of me. Maybe you should make a rule not to give people money. Say I only have enough for myself. At least you know who did it if you identity is stolen.


You are right. I think my mom is preoccupied with “throwing me out of the house” for whatever reason. She said she would do so if I ever relapse. I shall make it a rule, never lend money to anybody.

I feel emotionally unsettled.

What do you mean by that?

Well, she would throw me out of the house and never get into contact with me again.

Some ■■■■■■■ parent, eh?

In my experience, don’t give people money. Especially family, they’ll never return it.

They always act like you ■■■■■■■ owe them something for the burden of life. I’ve always believed it the other way around.

Can you move out?

Can I ask you for a little more information about your situation? What state are you in, and what sort of care are you getting? I’m enrolled in a state program here that offers resources for finding affordable housing, employment, and that sort of thing should I need it. Your state may have something similar, and it’s normally subsidized by the state, so it’s all free.

I feel in danger too.

I’m not living in the states. The place where i live, they dont have much service. Our social service was frozen and has stop growing, if not shrinked, starting from about 20 years ago.

I’m living with my parents. My mom often threatens me to move out and go to half way hostel. Living place is a tough problem for people in my city. The price is too high. I cant pay for the rent even though i have.a job. @MisterWaffles

That is really sucky. I’m sorry your family isn’t being supportive of you. I don’t have any ideas on what to do, but I feel for you. Families can be difficult to deal with.

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Im sorry! Your mom was not being supportive, and I would not speak to your in-law again. All you have to do is keep an I on your account. You can call them and find out if any unauthorized purchases were made. You can also ask for a new card and password just to cover yourself. Dont worry. It`s water under the bridge.


Don’t take this the wrong way but you seem naive. Sounds like he wants to rob you. Holy ■■■■ man. Stay away from that guy.

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[quote=“goggles, post:1, topic:33525, full:true”]
Last time he did that to my father, he broke into our apartment and took my mom’s jewelery and precious metal.[/quote]How is such a man even part of the family anymore?? I would have him booted out of my family so quick if I ever had an in-law try & pull that stunt! I’d tell it straight to his face too.

Yes, you are being taken advantage of. That’s some low-life, cruelty against the innocent if I’ve ever heard anything - asking a person with a mental disability to give you cash? Yeah, that’s definitely messed up - our disability income is null compared to what he can make on his own!

I’d report this to the police if I were you.

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