I am feeling better, but still unsure if I am Ready to start working again

The Latuda seems to be stopping most positive symptoms, and since I have been off the older medications I am feeling a lot more awake.

Only problem is I can’t drive first thing in the morning, and Akasthsia ruins my evenings.

Not sure if I am ready to go back to work or not though

Clearance checks are going to take another 4 weeks I think

Community Mental Health Team are completely useless to me right now. I am not sure what it is they’re actually doing other than meds.

I thought that we were entitled to things like therapy here in the UK if you have SZ, but nothing has been put forward.

They were going to put me in hospital, but I got out of that thankfully.

Just seems there is no service out there to help with much of anything

Going to take it upon myself to try this job, as if I don’t try I won’t know

But anyways, meds are not perfect, but I am stable more so now than I was before the pdoc started messing with my meds again


Good luck with the job! Maybe you’ll get more stable in 4 weeks time.


Just do your best thats all you can do!


So glad to hear this.


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