I am falling behind the tech development

NFTs, crypto currencies, blockchains and other new words. I watched one YouTube video of how to sell your own NFT which included how to set up your own wallet and buy some crypto currencies. It all sounded very complex and made me to think that I am falling behind this new tech development. What is your opinion on this matter?

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It’s not really something a lot of people do or are interested in, and it’s not useful for anything at all besides trying to invest in mostly dubious products.


It’s a good way to lose money.


I fell behind when mobile phones and dvd players came out lol.


Haha, i used to quite happily build the old 386/486 computers in the days of windows 3.1

Now im too scared to open up a pc these days incase i break it lol.

I swear ive got dumber as ive got older.

Crypto? Nah - not a clue either :smiley:


My husband has been learning all about this stuff for a few months now. We don’t have the money to invest yet though. But he’s trying to learn all he can in case there’s good money to make he’ll be able to do it

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