I do not understand any cryptocurrency

Maybe it has been better so, watch this Youtube video …everything seems to be crashing down.


I got some free bitcoin on buying pizza from Papa Johns and its all going downhill with it.

I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. Crypto isn’t the only thing crashing. Elon Musk announced potential layoffs, lots of experts are saying we’re already in a recession. High inflation, supply chain disruptions, everything is f*cked right now.

In a year or two (or whatever) the economy will bounce back as it always does.

If you look at the overall historic trendline for both the US economy and crypto, it’s full of ups and downs, but the overall trendline is up in both cases.

HODL! I just bought the dip and doubled my Bitcoin holdings.

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The only thing you need to understand is dont buy it lol

I had friends that were buying from around 30k price all the way up to 80k and back down doing the DCA thing (dollar cost average)

I wonder what the profit was on it or not

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I never understood what made Bitcoin so valuable. What is backing it? What is made it so valuable in the recent past? It doesn’t sound very stable to me.

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Cryptos are a scam. Simple as that.

I will rephrase. Cryptos are a highly volatile asset class, with no underlying value. Attracts speculators that want to get rich quickly.


I have a few bitcoins but forgot my password as I created it while being too paranoid and psychotic. I paid 1000$CA for these bitcoins back when bitcoin was 200-350$CA.

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Bitcoin solved a very real issue in economics called “The reversibility problem”. With Bitcoin the type of fraud that occurs with normal money is not possible. That is part of what gives it value and makes crypto useful and trustworthy.

I wouldn’t get caught up in the crashing price. Stocks are not doing well either. And the money in you bank account is losing purchasing power because of inflation. You’re pretty much screwed right now no matter where your money is.


I don’t understand it either, it has no value and is a waste of money. Cryptocurrency is not backed up by the governments and i can’t buy anything with it. I think it will take awhile to take of, you need internet access for it. Not everyone got it.

I made elon my ■■■■■ in the metaverse.

In good faith and good will. peace

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