The Stock Market & Cryptocurrencies are in Decline

North American stock market indices are in bear market territory which also includes a drop in the value of the various cryptocurrencies. 2-3 fiscal quarters will signal a recession in the largest economy in the world that being the US Dow Jones Industrial Average. The DJIA will dip below 30,000 points but will the stock index drop below 20,000 points remains to be seen.

Anyone buy stocks or crypto all of which have lost value in the past month?


I have not bought stocks in awhile but I do have a portion of my savings invested in stocks.

Not really something I feel like talking in depth about at the current time though. I’d rather just ride it out and hope for the best than dwell on it.

People that have their money in banks are losing too because its value is dropping due to inflation.

I just prefer not to dwell on it. Happy thoughts. Lol :blush:


Either in the red or heading in a downward trend.

I sold all of my stocks a while ago.

I only have a retirement fund that is linked to the stock market and it’s going down. Luckily it’s still many years until my retirement.

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i have 50000 in stocks but recently i bought nothing

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I bought some index funds last year. This year the stock market indices in China went down drastically and so far I lost about 10,000 Chinese ¥. In China when you lose money in stock market people would say you are paying tuition fee.


Below 30,000 points.

They’ll come back in a bit. I’m in it for the long game, so no worries.


I may buy this one stock
It’s actually a good time to buy cheap right now

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my mother is heavily invested in stocks right now…or she was…she might have cashed out, but I don’t ask her anything about money…she is a smart woman.

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I have most of my liquid assets in the stock market. Not as much as some people here though, given the posts above.


The last recession to plunge the US economy was the 2008-2009 Financial Crisis. The recession prior to that was the 2001-2002 dot com bubble burst. So every decade or so there is a cycle of a bear & bull market. Do not expect the markets to rise until 2030.

I see everything in patterns, I’m expecting things to be depressed until about 2025. That’s how it looks to me. The short-term pain is going to get much worse, however.

The business cycle is coming full circle. I agree with your predication in regards to 2025. I do not believe anyone could have predicted a recession except for those economic forecasters.

I did the moment world governments starting pushing people out of work with pandemic lockdowns and printing money out of nowhere. Of course, there was going to be a decline afterward.

How can you have infinite growth? Just won’t happen so the market reajusts all the time. If you look at it over time then that is where you tend to get ahead. It is a long term game and it’s still gambling.

Well, the pandemic is a once in a century phenomenon. Printing money is the old way of circulating currency. Much of the money in people’s bank accounts is all digital.

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