Making it through another day

Well. I had some good things happen today. My bank account is no longer minus 5000 bucks. The bank took the withdraw off saying it was fraud. I also started a new bank account.

Other than that this day has turned into a real struggle. I feel bored but also dont feel like doijg anything. If that makes sense. I think its a pretty common feeling of schizophrenia. I have this impending doom feeling like im going to get paranoid at some point today.

Im going to play video games but not till later. For now ill probably just sit around and stare at the ceiling. Browse the forum, and talk to my friend through text. Screw this impending doom feeling though. I have butterflies in my stomach


I feel bored but also dont feel like doijg anything. If that makes sense. I think its a pretty common feeling of schizophrenia.
@Edparry -Thank you for this post. This is what I was just thinking of and, what I struggle with very often. Theres still time left & I hope your day gets better.

Thanks sherlock. I keep having this feeling that something bad is going to happen. Like im going to get bad paranoia or something. Its been a while since my last attack. But so far so good. Hoping i can get through dinner alright then head to bed at 7.

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well so glad your bank sluffed off the five grand charge…good for you…i buy myself flowers when I need cheering up…I hope you get to feeling better.

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Thanks jukebox. I feel good and bad all at once. My anxiety is mostly in check. I had some good things happen today.

I just cant seem to get rid of this fear that my day is going to come crashing down. Im trying not to think about it so i am reading other posts on this forum

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ignore the fear and enjoy yourself…you’re at home, you’re alone, and you need music and food I think to celebrate…have any ice cream? haha

Haha. Actually…we do. I live with my parents. They took me in when my schizophrenia happened and i went bonkers. Got evicted from my apartment and needed a place to go. Plus i though that the town i was living me was trying to kill me. It was all very confusing.

Sometimes dinner time causes problems. So hopefully sitting down and eating goes smoothly tonight

im sorry you feel this way

i agree with @jukebox have some ice cream and chill to celebrate your win

paranoia sux try to think of the good thing that happened today

Thanks yoda. I will try to think positive. Just my silly anxiety playing tricks on me.

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Hey Ed. I often get that feeling of boredom mixed with anhedonia like you described. Lately, the voices tricked me into thinking that it is a struggle to get through each day when in fact its not its just boring. Have you thought about getting on a different med to manage your symptoms, or is the anhedonia a side effect from your meds?

It’s a common negative symptom-avolition. You want to do something but you can’t.


Amhedonia is a side effect from my meds. Before meds i was quite busy


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