I am convinced I am nocturnal

I CAN’T stay awake during the day. At all. It’s not the medicine because I’ve had this issue since I was a teenager. I spend all day lethargic, can easily fall into dreams, etc. This weekend I just let myself sleep whenever I was sleepy and I ended up sleeping almost the entire day both Friday and Saturday. Meanwhile at night time I am alert and don’t feel sleepy at all.

I can get 13+ hours of sleep and still be sleepy during the day. Feeling well-rested is something that almost never happens to me. Now I used to have crap quality sleep so that made sense, it took me hours to fall asleep, would wake up multiple times a night, etc, but now I take medication to sleep and I sleep completely through the night and fall asleep quickly. I just don’t understand. It’s at the point where I have believed I had narcolepsy before. I’ve never had an official sleep test done, only a home one which only tested whether or not I had sleep apnea, which I do not. Does anyone have any idea of what’s up or experience something similar?? I feel like I was meant to be a nocturnal human.

There is a theory that humans have evolved to be ‘larks or night owls’ meaning some people naturally function better at nights.

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Im awake from noon till sun up most days I don’t do ■■■■ during the day but at night I’m down to play…once we had like 20 adults play hide n seek at the graveyard across from my house…so I think im a night owl…


I sometimes wonder if some people aren’t just more prone to being nocturnal.

I’ve always been more nocturnal, stay up until 1am even though I have to get to work by 8 am the next morning. Both of my parents were the same way, maybe it’s genetic ( the nocturnal gene) :smirk:

Those perky morning people kinda get on my nerves a little :frowning:

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I had this problem too for a while and it may have been one of the things that cost me my job at the census bureau. I had the problem again when I was at another job. The solution was to sleep more hours. That would’ve been hard to do because I was barely sleeping the first time it happened. You need to get plenty of sleep somehow. Maybe alot more time for it. It is hard to say as personally I have found out that if your body doesn’t want to sleep you don’t sleep. Maybe it is more complicated than that but I dunno. It worked for me the second time it happened because I wasn’t experiencing sleep problems at the time.

I am nocturnal because when everyone else in my house is awake I feel safe enough to sleep. To much to watch out for at night - so I stay up, listen, and watch.