I am back again

Hi everyone,

I was explorer123 before, but I haven’t been in since Sepember 2013. I can’t find my old posts.

I was the one with severe anxiety and depression and depression and having auditory hallucinations. My husband has paranoid sz.

I have been in the hospital 9 times now, (done, I hope) — I do not hallucinate anymore, but I still have pretty bad anxiety and some depression. My husband’s symptoms are flaring up now — more negative symptoms, and he’s being very impulsive.

Anyway, I wanted to say hi.

9 times?thank God you are ok now.

Thanks Petester

yeah — 9 times from September 2013 to May 2015

I haven’t been in once …whats it like?..you know hospitals.

Hi, welcome back…

thought i would say hi.
take care :alien:

Thanks 77nick77!

Hi darksith! :smile: :smile:

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Hi petester,

Sorry for the delay in my reply. I have had a lot of anxiety this week — more than usual because I had to meet my new psychiatrist. She’s alright so far, but I guess I’ll feel more comfortable after a few visits.

Anyway, psychiatric hospitals and wards vary. I have only been in 3 good ones in Massachsetts. It is important (if you ever do go in) to make sure to tell them you want a good one — if possible.

There is more to do during the week, and your main hospital psychiatrist comes to see you each weekday, as well as some visits from your assigned social worker. Psychologists or counsulors can talk to you about improving your CBT or DBT skills.

They also have groups and visiting hours every day for friends and family.

The day starts around 8 a.m., and some places have a menu that you fill out. They even had blueberry pancakes at one place I stayed. One of the other places had caferteria tasting meals, and they ran out of regular Cheerio’s and didn’t replace them for a month. They also have fruit and graham crackers for snack and ice cream.

After breakfast and vitals and med time, groups started around 9: The psychiatrist can see you between or during groups, and then, you go back in.

A lot of times you can get a squish ball from the OT room or activity room — ask at the nurse’s station, if you are having trouble getting a squish ball.

After morning groups (including goals group), lunch arrives around noon.You get an hour to eat. Then, there are more groups until mid afternoon or dinner time — depending on the place. You also may have some free time.

Then at about 5 p.m., dinner lasts a half an hour.

Then, you can have visitor, play games, watch TV, draw, talk to other patients in more depth, talk to the night nurses who like to check in with you about how you’re doing. ,

At 8 p.m., there is a wrap-up group, and you tell everyone if you met your goal for the day — such as working on CBT reframes or going to groups — or not taking naps.

After that, some people took their meds and went to bed. I took my meds around 10:30 p.m., and I watched TV or read books about depression or anxiety ---- they had books about sz, too.

Bedtime was around 11 p.m.

Checks happen every 15 minutes ---- day and night. Some places have a little light in the room that you can use and keep your door open. Then, they don’t have to use a flashlight every 15 minutes. Day checks are just one of the staff with a clip board. They say that they’re doing checks, if you’re in your room. Each room had had a window, which was very thickly screened — but you could clearly see outside.

All the places I stayed in were clean and were cleaned every day. Most of the time I had a roommate (all but one was nice — the other one threw my glasses in the sink — so I told a nurse, and I was put in another room right away — always tell the nurse’s station if you need help.

One place even had a patio (with a high fence and staff came out while we were out there sitting and talking.) Sometimes, if you have good hygiene and go to groups, a staff member might take you off the locked unit for a little while.

Weekends have less to do, and holiday weekends really drag — I had company a lot of days — my husband or my parents. They try to have some groups or at least art room/activity room time. The activity room has games or the day room has games (Monopoly and Scrabble or cards, and a TV.

Patients are allowed to use the unit’s phone or phones — sometimes, they let you keep your cell phone. You may not bring in plastic baggies, belts, anything with drawstings, anything sharp, anything with a camera, If you bring any items they don’t allow, the nurse’s station will store it for you or send it home with a family member if a family member is with you when you are admitted.

Most patients seem to stay for a week or two now, so it’s not like it used to be.

In the paperwork, it does say that if your hospital team wants you to stay longer, they have to take it to court. You can also find information from the nurse’s station about signing a from that says you think you don’t need to be there. You do have to stay there for 3 business days in Massashusetts — so excluding weekends or holidays.

Most of my experience was positive, but if you have a problem, talk to the nearest staff member, or go to the nurse’s station.