I am an addict

This evening i was caught sneaking into my wife’s where she keeps my Xanax and Vicodin for my broken foot. She was very supportive and helpful.I can see my life going down the tubes. i hit my bottom tonight 77nick77, help me!

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Pain and addiction are often closely linked but you’ve got to work through some things like benzo’s!

I used to take like 2-3 mgs a day of Xanax and ended up having a gran mal from stopping suddenly! It’s a mugs game but it’s important you don’t just stop! It’s important to let your treatment team…ie your doctor know you have a problem then titrate down on the dose!

First sign of addiction is knowing you have a problem… a lot of people don’t even get to that and that is a shame!

A friend in the struggle,


Well, seek help before your life really goes down the tubes. AA, CA, and NA helped me. There’s also rehab or drug counselors.Your problem will not magically go away, you need to take action. NA is free and not that bad, the members are very supportive and open minded. Everybody in meetings is there for a common purpose; to help each other and to share what worked for them. You will find people in meetings from all walks of life. And MANY addicts have been in psyche wards themselves or see therapists. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using drugs. You can find out where meetings are online. I can’t say enough good things about NA, CA, or AA. No one is so hopeless that they can’t be helped, no one is so low that they can’t be helped. I’ve met alcoholics who were the bums you see sleeping on park benches in a pool of their own urine. The type of alcoholics who mothers hurry their kids past them in fright and disgust. I’ve seen people like that who have gotten sober and are now productive members of society, with 20 years or more sober, thanks to AA. You can go to a meeting without committing to anything.You can just go to see what it’s like. I would recommend going to more than just one. Each different meeting has its own personality, you will not see two meetings that are exactly alike. So if you get turned off by one you can try another meeting somewhere else. Good luck.

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I was too at AA after I stopped Alcohol and morphine. It helped me a lot. That was 4 years ago and I’m still clean.

Pain’s a real thing, just as addiction is a real thing. I’ve had both.

The best thing for most cowboys who fall off their horse is to just get up and ride again!


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recognizing that you need to get off this cycle is a huge step. I’m glad you’re looking for ideas.

I’m glad your wife is there by your side. I hope you get to talk to someone soon and get some help with this.

It’s hard asking for help for something like this.

How is the foot by the way? Did you get a second opinion? Are you still going to have to do surgery?

I’d say start talking to NA and therapist. You can beat this.

I’m rooting for you.

Alien, Hang in there, Im behind you - your friend Wave

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Well everyone had already mentioned NA and therapy. I would have your wife keep your meds hidden and give you only the prescribed amount.

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It’s very easy to get addicted to Vicodin and other hydrocodone products. I experienced this myself when I was taking them for severe Rheumatoid Arthritis pain.

Clearly, severe pain needs to be treated. But one must always be mindful of the medications’ addictive properties.

There are safer alternatives to Vicodin. One is called Butrans (buprenorphine transdermal). It’s an opiate alternative patch that is used for patients who have become dependent or tolerant to other opioids, like hydrocodone.

I take it for my pain, and it works wonders! Only apply one patch every 7 days. And it brings great pain relief without the risk of addiction.

Maybe you could talk to your doctor about it, under the guise that you want to try something safer. Not revealing that you might be addicted to Vicodin. Because most docs are not experienced or equipped enough to manage addiction. They will simply cut you off and you’ll have NO pain relief.

I hope this helps you. And I’m sending healing energy your way!




Well Xanax is just for nerves. Slippery slope if you have nerve problems and you take it. Because it will make you feel the complete opposite of anxiety. Also since its addictive. It well greatly increase your anxiety a few hours after not taking it so you keep having to take more and more the more you take it. unless you can only take it as Dr. prescribes. And if he is a good Dr. heel know if you ran out early and well gradually take you off for abusing it. Wouldn’t try to work on it either. I’m guessing the vicaden isn’t very strong so its not that addictive. Unless you like it so much that you try to find more of it illegally.

I don’t know, it looked pretty strong to me. Unless that was the dose. My kid sis fell out of a tree once and broke her arm in two places. They set it and cast it of course, but she was completely out of her head for an entire day on one little vicadan.

NA chat type that into google they have a great chat room and online meetings.

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Way to go. Congratulations on four years. Keep up the good work.


Just wanted to update and reply that I’m clean for 2 days now. My wife agreed to flush my Xanax and Vicodin. My speech is no longer slurred, nor is my vision blurry. Feeling better day by day. Two days ago I slept for 17 hours because I’d been up for 48 hours. This has been a week of disasters and near-miracles.


Glad you are doing better Alien - 2 days clean is a good thing. Awesome!

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Good to hear…a mixed bag of good and bad, but you’re clean now. That’s what’s important!

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Wow, I am amazed by your willpower. To push through the pain all by yourself, without meds–very impressive!

I’m so glad that you’re feeling better and taking such positive steps toward your well-being. You are awesome!




Good work Alien99. That is hard to do. I’m also glad you have your wife to help you out and be there with you as you fight this.

I’m glad to hear that your feeling better.

I was taking both oxycodone and fentanyl. I was on quite high does for the fibromyalgia pain. I weened myself off both. You will do alright, I just know it!