I am amazed that my symptoms of Bipolar Disorder seems so mild

Police officer that talked with me yesterday told me that I appear to be very intelligent, rational and think very clearly, that I could not be a risk to go to mental hospital, but this strange, because always plan to commit suicide by fantasies when I am depressed and that should be one red flag to go to mental hospital though.

I am a bit confused.

I have the mildest form of Bipolar Disorder.

Most of my hospital admissions were due to suicidal thoughts or self harm. When I’m more stable, I also appear normal and mild but I can get pretty sick off meds. If I don’t take meds I’d need hospital quite quickly.

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À police officer :policewoman: is not a psychiatrist.

I would leave the evaluation if you’re a mild case or not upto them.

But if you think regularly about suicide it doesn’t sound mild.

Do you take any meds that help?


No wonder why, the medications are doing their jobs to help me.

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Be thankful it is very mild :blush:

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Thanks, but it is a serious mental illness though.

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I have bipolar 1 with psychosis, my pdoc said it was severe. Im doing pretty decent these days though.

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