I am a little bit worried and tired

this negative thinking doesnt slow down. i am living with in the whole day… i just cant stop think that ill never get better and i am still quite paranoid… i am getting tired of it at the end of the day,its gives me headaches…a lot of pressure in my brain there… i dont even have a clue if meds help this?

i don’t want to sound like MR.negative but meds are not always the answer. now i don’t want you to think omg i have to get off meds. or stop all meds. not a safe idea at all. but like me i here 7 female voices all day and night. and i used to get migraines from it. but you just have to keep telling your self iam alright and do reality checks to your self. like me when i see black choppers in the sky.(which is a lot) you have to tell your self why would there be that in the sky. or if you are getting paranoid think about what you are being paranoid about. and just think about what is in real life. like when i see a clown what i see a lot. i have to tell myself why would there be a clown in my house. just think before you jump into a episode. this will take time but it will work. but don’t be looking for a a curel l in like a week. hope this helps

yes it helps but it s tough to switch on another thing… everybody tells me that i should do it but i cant sometines…i am sorry for your voices,the migraines we have this in common yeah…ill see,maybe there is hope somewhere there outside :slight_smile:

how do you deal with people who are really against your meds? i ha d a friend who told me that i must be a junkie to take this…he wanted from me to stop them… i suppose you dont talk about this?

Try to find some way you can get yourself to take it easy. If there are any television programs that you like that are on watch them. Listen to some music. Venting on here is good. I’ve been in your situation before, and sometimes you just have to ride it out. It does come to an end, though.

i hope you are feeling better today :rainbow:
take care :alien: