I am a hater yeah

hate and envy i know them very well… it was the problem i think and thats why the meds couldnt work… i knew these feelings for 15 yeras, now i have hard times with them… i am still jealous with my boyfriends,ive lost one i think because of this.
take care

No person is born with hatred in his hart. It is something we learn to do just like we learn to love. If you cannot do either I believe one should try to be as neutral as possible. It is not a good feeling to hate another person and love on the other hand can hurt so much.

Sometimes our feelings are patently justified, though. A lot of people quit or hurt on us for no good reason. I think about how inappropriate my family was when I was younger - lots of fighting & anger. There was even lots of criminal activity. I dunno, I turned out great, at least until SZ hit me. I stayed crime-free, had a job & apartment I could retire in, but NOPE! It was all wisked away just like that b/c of my entering into psychosis.

I’m finally at peace again, hopefully I can keep it this time.

you re without meds thats right mistercollie? i am with my damages of not fighting and i have hedaches now…probably i need my meds…

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