I am a grandmother

my lil cat cookie gave birth to four kittens yesterday. 3 lil ginger toms and 1 lil black one. mother and babies are doing well. can’t post pics as my iphone exploded! will post pics when i get a new phone next week. proud nanna xxx


Awww congratulations Jayne… :smiley:

thanx hunni. xxx blah blah blah 20 characters

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:smiley_cat: :smiley_cat:  :smiley_cat:  :smiley_cat:  :cat2:


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lovin the kitty cat emojis xxx :smiley: -

Now you can be the nice grandma and spoil them.

I have been thinking about adopting a cat as pet recently . But I am afraid the cat will give birth to many kitties soon and I will have nowhere to place these kitties. That is a real problem for me.

Get a cat and have her spayed, green.


Congratulations! :).

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Congrats! I used to work in a rescue and boarding kennels as a volunteer. I adored the dogs but always used to spend a lot of time with the cats, the kittens were the best bit, I remember trying to clean and they’d be jumping on my back, playing with my shoes, etc :)! It’s a wonderful thing I wish you the best; having little kittens is a blessing and they are little monsters at about 6-8 weeks so I wish you luck. I’m glad they’re doing well and keep us updated!

P.S. I have a right soft spot for ginger toms :wink:

Take care,

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lol send a pic our way :smiley:

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I remember taking in a stray that was pregnant. She had 4 babies. In the mornings, I would wake up and just watch them come out to play. What a joy they were! Found homes for all but 2 of them. I still have those two-eleven years old.
Enjoy those kitties!

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Your grands sound precious – congratulations!:slight_smile:

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I bottle raised one gold tabby Tom.

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