Some jokes I wrote about the TV show friends

the cast of the TV show “friends” all got hooked on crack, now they’re just “fiends”.

Ross wants to date Rachel but he’s stuck in the friend zone.

Monica and Chandler have sex they are friends with benefits.

the TV show friends should’ve had another season of episodes but in the boardroom they are friendless.

Lisa kudrow is the total opposite of anti social she is friendly.

Matt Leblanc is an alcoholic yes he is a friend of bill w.

Joey tribiani is in the mafia yes he has friends who have friends who have friends.

David schwimmer’s favorite video game? words with friends.

in real life Jennifer Anniston and Courtney Cox aren’t friends, it was all pretend.

friends character Joey tribiani is stupid most things he does not comprehend.

if I said anything bad about the cast of friends it was my bad I did not mean to offend.

why can’t we be Chandler why can’t we be Joey why can’t we be friends why can’t we be friends?


Ha. I had all ten seasons on DVD. Every show. I had to sell them because my new room was too small to have a DVD player.

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jokes relate similar things.


i love phoebe and chandler! always had the funniest lines.

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would it be weird if Ross paired up with Phoebe and Joey paired up with Rachel?

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I’m going to have my own show. I’ll call it “Enemies” and I’ll play all six parts myself.


I never understood why Joey and Phoebe never dated. They teased that often and I think it would’ve had some good comedy. Joey and Chandler are my fav characters. I watch Friends quite often.

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I would watch that…one of you must use the acting style of William shatner though…

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The joke I made up about that show was…

“Friends don’t let friends watch FRIENDS”


it’s usually “friends don’t let friends drive drunk” so to make a joke you would make it similar to drunk. Chevrolet cars are junk friends don’t let friends drive junk. or you could replace friends with Matt Leblanc doesn’t let Lisa kudrow drive drunk. because friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

opposites are similar, dry and wet are both quantities of water, boys and men are both human males, left and right are both directions, etcetera

Ross and Rachel stole Monica and Chandler’s thunder by upstaging them, now they are enemies.

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Monica and Rachel got a designated driver because friends don’t let friends drive drunk

Friends don’t let friends chase skunks?

relate the two together. the first 300 jokes are probably the hardest.

I once made my gf stop the car… reverse so I could pick up a baby skunk…I can’t smell very well so I didn’t realize it got sprayed by its mom when she got hit…I got it in the car and she made me put it back in the woods because it stunk…and then I stunk because I was holding it close to keep it warm…so friends don’t let friends chase skunks was an inside joke…that you now know the back story to lol…I still feel bad about having to put it back…it was so soft and small and I could already tell it liked me…


ever see the Seinfeld episode about the valet who stinks up Jerry’s car? Joey and Chandler wouldn’t let Rachel drive that car because friends don’t let friends drive cars that smell like skunk and neither does Seinfeld.

I’ll usually just think for 1-5 minutes to write one joke.

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Ever see the episode where Phoebe convinces George Costanza not to kill himself? What a nice gesture.

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I’m just trying to be a better French fry, my name is curl.