I always have bad dreams

I don’t know why but I always have bad dreams like being in prison or homeless on skid row again in downtown Los Angeles. I also keep having really weird dreams. I’m going to start sleeping less so I won’t dream as much anymore.

I can understand you. I also have bad dreams. Always the same dreams: lost with the train, or being homeless, or my bad track and field history, and some other things… For years.

Do you take L-theanine ? I take some just as I’m going into bed and I don’t remember my dreams.

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I have cruel dreams in which I’m happy and confident and everybody likes me. When I wake up I think that somehow that dream is a special message that will come true. It takes a few minutes for me to come down to reality and realize I’m not magically going to become confident and happy because of a dream no matter how real it seemed. It’s a cruel awakening and fools me every time.

I don’t take L-theanine anymore because I didn’t think it did anything

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