I ain't doing well peeps

We called my doctor because I’m not doing well at all. Thankfully, we set up an appointment with him tomorrow morning.

Basically, I feel like I’m sliping into psychosis again. I have this strange feeling before every relapse that I feel myself encroaching a state of psychosis again. I’ve had this peculiar feeling all week, but no symptoms up until now. I’ve also been more acrimonious lately, which is a sign of doing unwell. I got these symptoms in the latter half of the day causing me great feelings of chagrin and discomfort. I’ve been hallucinating, visual and audio, and also having a substantial amount of suicidal depression, to which I feel death is better than my life and lack of goals.

We think it might be because of getting off risperdal too fast, being inconsistent with a strong antihistamine, and stress from work and other areas like losing fat.

Frankly, I don’t know if I was acting with a clear conscious when I asked the girl out. Now she thinks I got the feeling from down under for her lol. Oh well, she is cute.


Same for me. I also think stress from work can worsen psychosis.

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My guys, I think I’m going to talk about going to the hospital to my doctor so I can get better faster and not do anymore stupid stuff; almost precautionary in going.

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Could it just be the feeling of rejection that is triggering this? I really don’t know, just throwing it out there


Maybe. But I wasn’t completely there yesterday either. And to be honest, I asked her out almost because of knowing my good state of mind won’t last. Also, I ain’t getting any younger.

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I’m in the same boat as you my friend

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Why not try reading could lift your spirits

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Oh man. I’m sorry you’re suffering so much. I’m glad you see your pdoc tomorrow. Hang in there!

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I will read the Scriptures, but sometimes words get into a word salad in my mind and it leaves me confused.


Are you Catholic?

I’m just asking because reading from The Book of Common Prayer really comforts me sometimes.

And I’m not religious,

I’m also Jewish.

Got the book from a garage sale, anyway,

I’m just saying if your going to read religious material, it’s a good one.

Easier than the Bible.


I’m LDS, and I try to read the uplifting parts of the Scriptures. And I don’t usually read the Bible too often. I haven’t even read all of the old Testament, there were some weird stuff in there.


Just looked,

Its actually from the Episcopal Church.


Book of job always cheers me up lol. The guys whole life was ruined and it gives me someone to sympathize with.

Also Ecclesiastes or the gospels are good

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Growing up in my school we had to read the whole bible in a year,

Every year.

It was pretty brutal.

Any book that large is pretty brutal,

But the Bible isn’t exactly easy reading.

That’s why I suggest the Common Prayer book.

I just found it by googling,

If you’re interested.

If not, cool.

I hope you feel better.

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Sorry guys, religion.