I accidentally went a few days without my AP

Oops! I ran out, and had to wait for a refill. I’m fine, didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms, other than a little dizziness and stuff like that, but I started to perceive the world in that weird, unreal way I did before I got on meds. Just a little, I think the APs weren’t fully out of my system yet, but it’s a good reminder that yes, the psychosis is still there, waiting under the surface.

I had talked to my pdoc about going off Abilify a few months back. He said it wouldn’t be a good idea, and I guess he was right. I was concerned that the meds were affecting my productivity, but I’m so much more functional with them that, even if I’m a little dulled by them, it’s worth it to stay on. Now, if only I could get enough sleep, I’d be unstoppable!


You know a strange thing worked for me. I stopped taking pills to sleep and now I sleep. If I take them I can’t sleep at all. Weird. Don’t know if this applies to you. But maybe

Can’t your pharmacy give you a emergency prescription of ap’s for a week or so whilst your waiting for your prescription from your Dr?

You can in the UK, but they don’t like to have to do it!

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Sorry to hear that! Hope you can get your AP shortly. Are you only on Abilify?
I know how you feel because I had this in the past!
If you take any supplements along with your AP maybe it would be a good idea if you keep taking your supplements and also exercise more until you get your medications.