How many times you brush your teeth a day - poll

  • Zero
  • Once
  • Twice
  • Three times
  • Four times
  • More than four times

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Once sometimes I’ll skip a day.

I brush my teeth every day in the morning before I shower.

But I rarely floss and my dentist is always on my case (in a good way) to floss.

I brush once a day everyday and I floss once a week every week. My dental hygienist is delighted with my efforts.

I use to brush twice a day before sz now I do it only once

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I brush my teeth typically 2-3 times a day however I do it whenever I feel like it sometimes I do because I’m bored it might be weird but believe it or not it’s true

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Once or twice a day.

Probably a few times a week. I need to get into it because I had to get multiple fillings last week. :confused:

My Denture cleaner does it! lol. Not that i wear them, i forget most of the time to put them in my gob.

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I haven’t brushed my teeth in months lol

Once. In the morning only

My dentists have always stress the “twice a day and floss most days” thing. I haven’t always been as good with it but I do it now.

I have invisalign braces, so i need to brush and floss after every time i eat.

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I brush everyday in the shower and use mouthwash

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