Hunting for a job

Im living at home not working only taking two classes this semester and I don’t know anybody where I live now so I’m gonna get a job any sites besides Craigslist and indeed

You could try Monster too.

Look up local temp agencies the couple we have around here let you fill out and apply for jobs online… They seem to have a good selection and a lot of their jobs arnt listed anywhere else…a lot of the factories around here have exclusive contracts with the temp places…

I’m just so comfortable doing nothing

The town I used to live in had a factory that hired disabled people. Maybe try a google search.

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Here in California we have employment agencies that cater exclusively to disabled people and help them prepare for job hunting and getting them jobs. You might want to search your area to see if you have these.

I)'ve been to several and gotten few jobs this way. Actually we have a couple of good options for getting a job if you’re disabled. we have things called "Vocational programs in which you attend for three or four days a week. They hold classes on job hunting, interviewing for a job, where to find jobs, making a resume, etc. Not only do they prepare you for a job they can actually get you a job. I’ve been in two of these and they got me jobs.