I’m not sure if a similar story was posted already or not. Seems familiar.

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Looks like this study was all UK people. I really think a worldwide study is needed when dealing with genetics. Still it’s interesting they are using machine learning now.

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The basic rule of the actual change that associated with the Sz condition here/himself that defies what goes into all theoretical assumptions established by the scientific curricula for human beings

There is no self-origin anatomical,genetic,chemical ,functional change or/ an acquired change due to the effect of the environmental factors of our natural world ,existentially precedes the sz condition or causes its bad side symptoms at any level, a degree for any period of time !

The characteristics of the organic disease does not existed at all before the occurrence of the sz condition or its symptoms,
and the organic disease does not exist as a result of the effectiveness of the sz on the human basic nature
(the organic disease is exists after long period of medication as a result of drug’s effectiveness on the brain chemistry)

The disease is not the reason d’etre of the sz condition or its symptoms

  • The sz condition is not a disease, does not arise from a disease,and does not causes a disease(despite all its diagnostic symptoms )

The sz condition itself,represented in the psychotic emitter (H), is the alternator,modifier or changer being who is induces all kinds of changes /or he is the driving force towards any change can be observed and diagnosed in the human nature

The psychotic emitter (H) has acts as an existential /functional Mutation which is responsible for every change that occurs in the individual’s nature at any level
There is nothing that precedes him as an event or causes him functionally (he is the cause of himself without using /depending on the human genetic functions )

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The issue of improvement that occurs directly or gradually in the citizen’s condition as a result of the impact of medical intervention with its various types of medicines , doses and short /long treatment periods,is still not understood by the logic of theoretical /practical approaches

We see that,everyone beliefs that sz is a classic disease,disorder or else !
The clear Question;
What is the core characteristic of the Change in the human’s basic nature?

IF sz is an actual organic disease
What is the abnormal active substance (s) that secreted in the brain that causes the fundamental disorder in the mental chemistry (if it occurred ) ?
And how does this lead to the appearance of ritual change in thought,thoughts,imagination,attention,movement,sentiments,regarding the world of different topics ?

Why there is a change in the personal characteristics such as weather changes in autumn ?

What are the theoretical foundations on which the treatment of disorder is builds upon ,which lead to getting ride from that disorder and finally return of balance and stability of the citizen’s condition to natural state (chronic cure) ?

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Hmm. . .

Biological Markers?.


It’s Sad Really. . .


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The current researches seek to find biological markers of sz just in order to prove that the sz is merely a pathological condition (a disease),not in order to quickly diagnose it if it occurs or/ treat its symptoms ( pathological markers) to the Core !

In the case if the sz is a real biological disease
The treatment sz is the way to treatment its biological makers (its biological symptoms or/ the biological changes which precede the disease and causes or the alterations that occur after the disease )

The question
Why do current medications have not succeeded in eliminating ,blocking,stop,disable or modification these biological markers to reach a state of real full recovery ,even for a hour / one day in the life of the person ?

In the other side,if those biological markers are not known to the scientists until now
The question
What are the targets (bio-makers) which targeted by current medications ?
Nothing ,because the current medication targeting the self-biological chemistry by experimental treatments ( based on a theoretical assumption )on a hope that this may treat the bio makers (pathological changes ) !

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noice! i wouldnt be surprised if they were able to actually make it the standard test. SZ is wrapped up in our biology for sure. I believe most who have mental illnesses like sz have melancholic temperaments which is related to black bile in the body so. I wouldnt be surprised if it was well possible at least in identifying people with a potential to develop sz.

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Core of change related the health condition be called schizophrenia

The change occurs in the data of the cognitive material that is understood personally about the world of things,events,individuals and bilateral relationships OR which will henceforth be understood from now on
(these changes in itself is a malignant modification in the personal ideology which understood and described by the external observer as a self- delusions

Prerequisite that the change in the concept of mental data does not create in its course a pathological change in cellular structures or/ induces a permanent chemical anomaly (irreversible)

Because,the functional cause of sz (hallucination) basically aims to create a delusional modification in the understood self-ideas (personal beliefs ) and makes it a part from the personal memories from now on ,so that the psychotic factor (H) uses the mental functions and chemical processes of the Person to achieve the ideological modifications !
This means that ,the sz as a whole condition represented in its psychotic factor (h) does not aims to create a real disease in the mental chemistry at all (self- transmitter or self-receptors ) because it needs them to developing the malicious modification in the self-idea of the host (person ) !!!

The sz has seeks to change your self-ideas about everything without inducing a pathological condition (a disease) in your brain chemistry or in the cellular structures,because the existence of actual disease in the biological structure or in the chemical processes will prevent the pathway of developing the delusional modifications !
(the delusion is a mental function needs to the chemical transmitter /receptors to occurs and believing it , regardless its topic is real or unreal )

If there is someone who says that the sz is a biological disease at its core and holds to such a belief and consider it a final and irreversible understand what we said ?

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Searching for a biomarkers of sz in the cellular structures is like searching for the wreckage of a plan in the clouds after the news of its loss was announced several days ago,or a week,or a month or several years ago !

There is no biological changes precede the occurrence of the sz or causing it within the cellular structures ,because the sz in itself (isolated about all its bad side symptoms) is not living material or non-living substance in its nature,rather it is a new whole living psychological entity (s) not inherited part from the human self or be released by its functions

In other words,the sz health condition seems itself to any human host AS an actual psychic entity (creature) not a disease in the level of structure OR function !
Mistakenly you call this creature the hallucination or psychosis !
Simply,if you talking about the sz itself as a disease,all what you say is just an enthusiastic speeches about the diagnostic symptoms,the factors that increase the risk of developing the sz,the results of experimental effects of drugs and the ways o care with individuals medically,socially or financially …etc
And all of this are not the tool that prove that the sz is a disease in nature scientifically /objectively on the level of alteration,structure or function

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