How's your therapist?

I go to a clinic where you have to see both a psychiatrist and a therapist. This is a clinic that accepts Medicaid, so you wouldn’t expect it to be too great, and it isn’t. My therapist is not very effective. Every time I want to discuss something deep or uncomfortable with him he just dismisses me and changes the subject. He only wants to talk about the weather and how my classes are going. Because of this, I am seeking out an additional therapist at the Women’s Resource Center where they offer low cost (ten dollars per session) counseling. I’m hoping that I will find something better there. I really want to work through my problems, rather than be stuck in them/dominated by them. I’m hoping that at the Women’s Resource Center they will have more competent therapists. So, how are your therapists? Do they help you?

I like my therapist. Shes a smart PHD who knows a bit about medication as well. I can talk to her openly about many things. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect and things went off to a bit of a rocky start. Things have improved since then.

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Me and my therapist get along really good. I tell her just about everything. I’ve seen her for about 7 or 8 years.

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I have been to a lot of clinics that accept Medicaid. Usually, I have felt like I have had to to train the counselor.

Currently, I am seeing a guy that I like very much, however.


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I used to have a therapist but they stopped having them for us. I still see my psychiatrist every 3 months. I can get a social worker anytime i ask.

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I really like my therapist. She’s the first one I’ve felt that I can trust enough to talk about everything with. She’s very understanding no matter what the subject is, I’ve only been seeing her for a few months but so far she has been able to help me work through my anxiety better, and that’s a big trouble of mine.

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I got my Therapist years and years ago. She started as our family therapist and she’s really cool. Since I was reacting well to her my parents asked if she would take me as a patient. She knows my entire family, she knows my sister and she’s not afraid to discuss the dark stuff as well as the boring stuff.

Very cool lady and I glad I have her as my therapist. Sz wasn’t her strong point as a family therapist, but due to me and one other client she had, she learned all she could and now she has other SZ patients. She’s also willing to learn about Alzheimer’s so she can council those family members too.

I admire people with an open mind and a willingness to learn new things.


Thanks for all your responses. I’m so jealous of you who have good therapists. I hope to get one myself, hopefully at the Women’s Resource Center.

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I haven’t found a therapist i like. i haven’t tried too hard though. i wish i could i think it would be really beneficial. Good luck at the women’s resource center!

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my therapist is outstanding. He is 61 and very experienced, and we talk on psychological terms, as I am an honors psych student yadyyada im so smart. He doesn’t beat around the bush, and he seems to know alot about psychiatry too. He found out I have severe generalized anxiety disorder and talked to my psychiatrist and got me on meds for it, and I have been doing extremely well since I got on them in addition to my anitpsychotic. He calls himself a “psychological detective” and is very rational and skeptical, always getting to the roots of problems. He never blows my concerns off, he completely explains how and why I am thinking or behaving the way I do, and what I can do about it. He is expensive, my parents pay 125 per session, but he is well worth it- he played a huge part in my entering remission and behaving healthily/more normally.

He knows his ■■■■ and he doesn’t hesitate or waste time. He’s the bomb.

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Thanks, runnergirl. A good therapist would be very beneficial.

I wish my parents could afford 125 per session. That probably would have gotten me a good therapist a long time ago. Your therapist sounds great!